Graduation in Style: Crafts, Recipes, & Gift Ideas

  Grad Treat your grad like royalty with these graduation party must-haves! 1.) Graduation Photo Banner  Relive your graduate’s school years with a fun photo banner starting from kindergarten to present day! What You Will Need: *Photo prints *String *Glue stick *Construction paper/Card stock For design inspiration visit Graduation Photo Banner. 2.) Bite-Sized Mortarboards Kick the graduation party treats up a notch with these festive candies! What You Will Need: *Mini reeses’s cups  *Chocolate squares (for the mortarboard base)  *Sour belts (for the tassel) *Cake pop stick (to hold up the candies)  For step-by-step instructions visit Bite-Sized Mortarboards  3.) New Job Jar  Make your grad is prepared to enter to job market with a jar full of supplies! What You Will Need: *Glass jar *Chalkboard paint *Pens/Pencils *Thumbtacks/Paper clips *Post-it notes *Stapler *Sharpies *Hand sanitizer  For complete instructions and more jar ideas visit New Job Jar. 4.)  Smarties Diplomas  Use Smarties candies to create a cute and memorable diploma decoration/treat! What You Will Need: *Smarties  *Paper *Ribbon *Mod podge *Brush *Hot glue For full instructions visit Smarties Diplomas. 5.) Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade This refreshing and easy to make recipe is sure to be a hit at any grad party! What You Will Need: *Raspberries *Honey *Lemon juice *Sugar *Sparkling water or Club soda *Fresh mint *Ice *Water  For the full recipe visit Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade. 6.) Post Grad Supplies A post graduate needs everything from cookbooks to gift cards galore! For post graduate gift ideas visit Graduation Gifts.

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