Groundhog Day: Recipes & Activities for Kids

Groundhog Day Groundhog day deserves more than just a glance on the calendar and a traditional viewing of Groundhog Day with Bill Murray (though that is highly encouraged). Check out these fun recipes and activities for a unique groundhog day celebration! 1.) Groundhog Sandwich  Will the groundhog see his shadow? Wait on the verdict with a festive groundhog shaped snack! What You Will Need: *Bread *Marshmallows *Chocolate chips *Heart pancake mold *Parchment paper  For the full recipe visit: 2.) Groundhog Pudding Pop Treat everyone to a Punxsutawney Phil delight! What You Will Need: *Milano cookies *Chocolate pudding *Almond slivers *Butterscotch chips *Oreo cookie crumbs *Melted chocolate (milk & white)  For the full recipe visit: 3.) Groundhog Craft All you need is construction paper, googly eyes, scissors, and glue to fashion a groundhog craft! What You Will Need: *Brown construction paper (dark & light colored) *Beige construction paper *White construction paper *Googly eyes *Glue stick *Scissors For further instructions visit: 4.) Groundhog Donuts A delicious dessert complete with a nice glaze and cookies to fashion a groundhog! What You Will Need: *Glazed donuts *Oreo cookie crumbs *Nutter butters *Melted chocolate *White heart-shaped sprinkles (for the groundhog eyes) *Red heart-shaped sprinkles (for the groundhog nose) For the full recipe: 5.) Groundhog Printable Coloring Page There are a myriad of resources for Groundhog Day themed coloring pages, puzzles, and more! What You Will Need: *A computer * A printer * Coloring utensils of any kind For coloring pages & more visit:

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