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A Family For Every Child
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A Family For Every Child
1675 West 11th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97402

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Christy Obie-Barrett,
Executive Director

A Family For Every Child is a non-profit organization that serves families, children, and agencies nationwide. Thank you for all your support.
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Children and Families Served

Welcome to
A Family For Every Child

Serving Families, Children and Agencies Nationwide
A Family For Every Child is dedicated to finding loving, permanent families for every waiting foster child.

Featured Family: David and Pepolina
We have three adult biological children: two daughters and a son that does not live at home. We fostered a newborn baby boy for nine months. We have taken in a few other placements hoping to be able to adopt one day! We would love to be able to adopt two or three children newborn to age five, but will consider an older child if part of a sibling group. We love children we have helped a lot of children for many years! We are very loving parents and would love to be able to adopt some day!! We would consider other races. we would be willing to help the child or children to learn their heritage in a positive manner. We are very committed to family and any child or children we take into our home is family. We understand the challenges that come with bringing up children. We are always there for our children, and as a result they turn out very loving. We are a committed family our love is for now and also. We have very strong relationship with our children and our interaction with all the children that come into our home. Click to read more.
David and Pepolina
2015 Oakshire Fundraiser
January 7, 2015. Oakshire Public House: 207 Madison Street. $1 from every pint sold in our club will be donated to A Family For Every Child.
Oakshire Fundraiser 2015
A Recap and Thank You for Supporting Home For The Holidays 2014!
November 13th was our fifth annual event: "A Home for the Holidays" Winter Wonderland themed event at Valley River Inn. What a magical night! We had over 300 friends and supporters gathered to celebrate our organization and the last 8 years of our community's effort to build our programs and support our mission. Thank You! Read more...
A Home For The Holidays
Surviving the Holidays and Making them Special
Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas - we've all heard that November and December are supposed to be the "happiest time of year." Even for families without adoptive or foster children, those are high expectations to live up to. Introduce new family members to the mix, and the holidays can be especially stressful and tense. It's natural to want your first holiday with your adopted child to be "the best ever," but perfection is often too high a bar to set. Your dream holiday may not happen, but a better one may occur in its place. Here are some pointers on how to make your annual celebrations the best possible for all involved. The most important thing: Keep calm and enjoy the little things! Happy Holidays! Read more...
Holidays with Adoptive Children
Now Serving Washington Families!
A Family For Every Child is pleased to announce that we are now serving Washington families through our Adoption Agency. A Family for Every Child Adoption Agency recognizes that "Forever Families" come in all shapes and sizes. We are an inclusive agency that specializes in finding permanent families for children in the foster care system that tend to be the most difficult to place because of their age, ethnicity, sibling group, developmental, emotional or physical disability. AFFEC provides adoption home studies to families interested in adoption. We know that every child deserves to be loved, and all kids never outgrow the need for a "forever family." Our Adoption Agency has expanded in to Washington and is now serving both Oregon and Washington families through the homestudy and adoption process. Contact us if you think adoption might work for you; we can answer any questions you may have. Click to read more
Oregon Families! Find Out About Adoption
Interested in adopting? Find out more about the process of adoption and get started... it is our goal to significantly reduce the barriers to adoption by making the process positive and exciting all around. Begin your adoption process now and plan on growing your family this year. Then call 541-343-2856 to schedule an orientation convenient for you! You can also email Linzy@afamilyforeverychild.org . Click to read more
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We need your help! But take a deep breath because this is super easy. You know the rewards cards that every store on the planet is requesting you sign up for ... Well this is totally different. You know every time you purchase a new appliance and you have to send the warranty card in and verification of your purchase... Again this is nothing like that process. We need you to sign up on the blog to receive an email notification regarding each new post. Click on the link below and scroll to the bottom of the page, submit your name and email. It's easy! No card to carry around in your wallet with your other 10,000 rewards cards. No need to mail anything, and no pages to complete. One step and you're done. If only taxes could be this easy.
Partnering for Success

A Family for Every Child’s mentoring program is essential to helping foster youth make school and life transitions at critical stages in their development. OCF strongly supports enhancing this important program, ensuring positive, successful mentoring experiences for an estimated 60 middle and high school students throughout Lane County. -Kathleen Cornett, Vice President of Grants & Programs, Oregon Community Foundation

A Family For Every Child's (AFFEC) mentor program is expanding its reach by connecting with children's schools in order to help them perform better academically and remain on track to graduate. Oregon Community FoundationWith support from the Oregon Community Foundation AFFEC has brought on a new team member who is charged with conducting school based community outreach, connecting with children's school counselors, and supporting our mentors in their mentee's academic life. This will allow AFFEC to help children and teens see greater academic success, and feel more supported by caring adults in their lives. Currently a little more than half of foster youth obtain a high school diploma due to difficulties when transitioning from home to home, and mentors have the potential to ease those transitions with schools and other institutions. Thanks to the Oregon Community Foundation, AFFEC will now be supporting mentors and youth to help ensure children not only receive their diploma, but exceed academic expectations. Our new Education Liaison is Mary Bromley, Mary has been an AFFEC mentor for over five years. She is the only consistent person in the life of her mentee. Mary also recently retired from the school district and will begin working with us on our Education/Mentor/Mentee Program as an Education Liaison.

In addition to providing more academic support, AFFEC is launching a Mentor Assisted Life Skills Program which will pair mentors with youth who will work on developing life skills together. Mentors and mentees will be offered a curriculum that includes information on how to handle one's finances, healthcare, cooking, and more. This program will better prepare children who are at risk of "aging out" of foster care for living on their own. These classes in conjunction with the mentors' support will aid in the success of each child becoming a self sufficient adult! Our new Life skills effort is lead by our new team Member:

Christina Sutton Christina comes with a long history of connection to AFFEC. In the very early days she ran our Mentor Program, and then she took a break to foster and adopt many children. While she still has a house full, she is getting involved again to help us build our education classes for youth at risk of aging out of care and those who will become adults with little preparation for the real world. She will plan and teach bi-weekly classes on everything from "How to write a check" to "How to shop for food" to college, trade-school knowledge, and resume-building. Christina grew up in foster care and never got a family of her own, so her passion for at-risk youth is huge and based in real-life experience. If you would like to get involved in this effort, we need you – contact mentor@afamilyforeverychild.org or Christy@afamilyforeverychild.org or call 541-343-2856.