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Oregon Child

Kylee has a shy smile and an offbeat sense of humor. When her worker visits, Kylee always greets her at the door with an excited skip, big grin, and an invitation to come see what she is doing now. She is often eating an after school snack before going off to play with her favorite stuffed animals, train set, or Lego friends. Kylee has had so many successes in the last year including overcoming her fear of riding on a bike and taking her first camping trip. She needs a just right family to help her step into her next adventure.

Kylee is artistic and loves to draw or color. She describes everything she likes as "adorable." Kylee likes to play and be active. She enjoys swimming, hiking, and playing outside. She loves animals and her favorite chore is feeding the family dog. While Kylee is interested in making friends and playing with others, she still needs a lot of support around peer relationships.  She likes dolls and has her very own doll house.

Kylee has a special sketch book that she keeps her drawings in. Her drawings paint a picture of everything she has gone through in life. Over time, they have become beautiful and happy. Kylee says that her favorite part of a storybook is the ending, because they are always happy. She has set aside the end of her favorite sketch book for her "happy ending" when she finds her safe family.

Even though Kylee is a healthy child, she needs help from adults to support her nutritional needs. These supports include a snack every couple of hours, a healthy diet and limiting sugar intake.

Kylee just loves school. She has learned to write her letters and is starting to read. Her classroom is small with lots of support.  Kylee is working with her school counselor on learning coping strategies to help her through her school day. She enjoys art and P.E. She is best at math and science. Kylee typically does well at school with a high level of support. She completes most of her class work each day but she is below grade level in all subjects. Kylee loves to show off at home when she has a "100% day" in her classroom! Kylee is not yet ready to enter a mainstream classroom. She needs a caregiver who can advocate for her educational services and provide an enriching environment. Kylee needs caregivers who are willing to play, explore, and model reading books, practicing numbers and letters, taking trips to the library, coming up with play themes, etc.

Kylee needs a family who will understand the importance of birth family connections in Oregon. She would benefit from a family who can commit to maintaining these connections.  Kylee's current foster family would also like to be a support for her adoptive family.

Kylee has many past hurts and losses from which she continues to heal. She has learned how to use lots of different coping strategies like deep belly breaths and asking for a hug. When you ask her what things she can do when she feels sad, Kylee can give you a nice long list of ideas. She continues to need a lot of adult support in regulating her emotions and does really well when her caregiver can prompt her to use a coping skill. Kylee is doing a great job with expressing her feelings in words and through art.  she is able to process what happened after becoming upset and understand consequences for her behaviors, such as the loss of a privilege. Right now, Kylee is working on staying calm when she feels upset; removing her from the situation is often helpful.

Kylee has made a lot of progress with therapeutic assistance. She benefits from lots of structure and routine, a calm environment, and individual support. Kylee will soak up all your attention and love. 

Kylee needs caregivers who are calm and patient. They should have a good understanding of the impacts of trauma on children. They will need to be skilled in behavior management and able to provide a structured and consistent home for Kylee. Kylee's parents will need to be adaptive, creative and flexible in responding to Kylee's emotional needs. It is believed that she will do best either as the youngest or only child in a family. Kylee will need a lot of one on one attention and a caregiver who is able to spend substantial time with her to build a bond. Kylee has, over time, been able to develop positive relationships with her foster family and is capable of attaching, but she will need a family that can be patient and loving with her. Above all, Kylee needs a family that can help her feel safe and loved.

Kylee's desires for a family are simple: she wants a safe home where no one yells at each other, she has clean clothes to wear to school, and a clean bed to sleep in. Kylee wants to be able to see her siblings. She is an animal lover and would just love to have a furry brother or sister. Kylee hopes to have "a mother who can run, climb, and play" with her. She would love "a family that can run around at the park and be active" with her.