Marla, Fabien, Andy and  Destiny
Marla, Fabien, Andy and  Destiny Marla, Fabien, Andy and  Destiny Marla, Fabien, Andy and  Destiny Marla, Fabien, Andy and  Destiny
  • Names:
    Marla, Fabien, Andy and Destiny
  • Ages:
    14, 13, 12 and 10
  • Genders:
    Male, Male, Female and Female
  • Ethnicity:
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Texas Child

"We are ready to be part of our forever family who will love us unconditionally and allow us to be ourselves."

Marla is friendly, sweet, talkative, and outgoing. She loves to socialize with new people! Marla enjoys make-up and likes to always look her best. She enjoys getting her hair and nails done. Marla also enjoys music, dancing, going to the pool, and drawing. She is a smart child and likes participating in choir. As the oldest of her siblings, Marla has a tendency to be a mother figure to them. She is very protective of them, but will benefit from learning how to just be a child. Although she loves her siblings dearly, she tends to direct the play with them.

Fabien likes sports, specifically soccer, despite never having had the opportunity to play for a league. He is also very engaged with everything electronic. His pastimes include watching movies and listening to the latest hip-hop jams! Fabien is very soft spoken, which can often cause him to be overlooked in this rambunctious group. However, he is eager to please the adults in his life and enjoys helping others. Fabien can be a little timid and shy and may take some time to open up to new people. Overall, Fabien is a sweet child who loves to show off his big smile!

Andy is a very active child who likes to describe himself as "fast like lightning!" He loves to watch wrestling and his favorites are the Uso Brothers. Andy also enjoys playing basketball, although he has never had the opportunity to play with a team. Sometimes Andy can get quite ahead of himself and forgets his original directives. Due to this, he requires a high amount of supervision and prompting. Overall, Andy is a loving and sweet child who is learning the safe space of his bubble, while also learning to respect others' safe spaces. He is attracted to the suspense of thriller-type movies. Andy loves school and enjoys the company of his friends and teachers. He is a bright child who has made tremendous academic progress.

Destiny is a loving child. As the youngest, she craves a lot of attention and love. She likes playing with her siblings and follows in her older sister's footsteps. Destiny is a little shy at first; however, as she gets to know someone, she opens up and shares her big smile. She loves to give big hugs to anyone who will accept one. Destiny has an active imagination and likes to play with her friends. She is also very good with arts and crafts and music. She loves animals and enjoys going to the zoo. Destiny is a very bright child who needs guidance, reassurance, and some prompting. She has a lot of energy to burn and enjoys staying active

The family best suited for Marla, Fabien, Andy, and Destiny will have a high amount of patience and structure. Ideally, the family will be active and keep them engaged in organized extracurricular activities, such as sports. Of course, love is at the top of the children's list when looking for a forever family and they would also like a family that will keep promoting their sibling bond. Marla, Fabien, Andy, and Destiny will benefit from being able to have individualized attention throughout the week.


Child is under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services