Shannon, Nathan and  Ethan
  • Names:
    Shannon, Nathan and Ethan
  • Ages:
    12, 9 and 7
  • Genders:
    Female, Male and Male
  • Bulletin#

California Children

Here are three siblings that are full of life!

Meet oldest sister, Shannon. She is only eleven years old and she has spunk! Yet holds herself as a very responsible young lady. Shannon is a great sister to her brothers. On the day of this photo shoot, she was very caring of her brothers, helping Nathan and Ethan open their snacks and playing catch.

Nathan is the second oldest. He is eight years old and currently in the second grade. He loves sports and at the photo shoot, he was very expressive with playing baseball with his siblings. Nathan has had some difficult with expressive language, however, has been working hard and has improved his ability to articulately express his wants and needs.

Ethan, a year younger, is the youngest of the siblings. He is currently in first grade and is full of energy. Like his brother, he loves playing outside and plays well with his peers. At the photo shoot, he especially enjoyed playing with the Frisbee and politely asked if he could take it with him. Ethan lives with his brother, however, currently, Shannon is living separately.

We are in search of a family so that these three strong siblings can restart their life together in a safe and loving home. Shannon, Nathan, and Ethan deserve to remain together as siblings and share their endless love with a family that will do the same for them!

Due to strong connections in the area, the social worker is giving very strong preference to California families.