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Oregon Child

Special Note: Guardianship Family Needed-- At this time strong preference will be given to Oregon families.

Rhiana is eligible for Guardianship, but is open to adoption if the right family comes along who can make that commitment. Most important is to find a permanent family that will love and nurture her for life.


Rhiana is looking for a forever family and time is running out. While adoption is not the current plan for Rhiana, a permanent family is definitely in her plan and we are asking you to consider. Rhiana does not have a lot of demands for a family: one of love, support, and commitment.

Rhiana is an outgoing and social young woman who likes to make friends. She finds pleasure in assisting with tasks around her foster home and she can be a great helper. She smiles a lot and often appears to be observing others. She is polite and can connect well with other people. Rhiana is skilled with computers and navigating programs. She is also very creative and is a talented artist, singer, poet, and actor. She prefers quiet surroundings and lots of family activities, both indoor and out.

Rhiana attends high school and participates in Life Skills classes. She receives additional supports in school to help meet her goals. Rhiana enjoys going to school and she has a strong connection with several teachers. A school setting with staff who are supportive and creative is imperative. It is also important that Rhiana’s caregivers are strong advocates who are able to ensure her educational needs are being met.

Rhiana is connected to several family members who are willing to support her and wish to remain in her life. These relationships are important to her and should be maintained to whatever extent possible. The extended family is safe and appropriate and looks out for Rhiana’s best interest and well-being. Rhiana is also very connected to her brother who she has always lived with. It will be very important to ensure Rhiana and her brother are able to maintain their relationship.

Rhiana is typically quiet and reserved. She rarely speaks up when she disagrees with something and when she becomes upset she often gets quieter. She needs a family that recognizes the cues that something is bothering her. Rhiana needs gentle reminders to use her coping skills and that it is okay to speak up.

Families who understand the needs of a child with some spatial issues will be important.  Rhiana, copes with this situation in a variety of ways thus families who are understanding and accommodating will be important.as well. Rhiana has participated with additional service providers to assist her in this area, thus families who are able to continue to be supportive will be helpful. Rhiana does not experience any significant issues that keep her from doing day to day activities.

Rhiana is a special child who needs a family that will provide stability, nurturing, and support. She would do best in an environment that is calm and predictable and one that is filled with encouragement and positive feedback. She would benefit from community activities to expose her to other peers with similar interests. She has the potential to do well with a variety of families, although a family who is willing and able to work with multiple service providers and advocate for her is a must. As stated, any family caring for Rhiana will need to embrace the important people in her life and ensure she has opportunities to remain connected to them. Those who know Rhiana speak about how easy it is to care for her and how she has a way of grabbing people’s hearts.