Nevaeh, Victor and  Nevae
Nevaeh, Victor and  Nevae Nevaeh, Victor and  Nevae Nevaeh, Victor and  Nevae Nevaeh, Victor and  Nevae Nevaeh, Victor and  Nevae
  • Names:
    Nevaeh, Victor and Nevae
  • Ages:
    9, 7 and 5
  • Genders:
    Female, Male and Female
  • Ethnicity:
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Texas Children


"We are looking for our forever family!"

Nevaeh, Victor, and Nevae are a very active sibling group who are closely attached to one another and will be adopted together. They are young and active and would like a family that is active and fun. Nevaeh, Victor, and Nevae enjoy playing together, going to the movies, and being outside. They enjoy going to church and are very interested in participating in sports of some kind. Nevaeh is a “girly-girl” who likes to play with dolls. At times she struggles to control her emotions. Victor is active and all "boy" with his interests. He enjoys being outside and playing with trucks. Nevae is sweet and energetic and loves to watch movies. She participates in speech therapy. Nevaeh, Victor, and Nevae are excited about being adopted together.


"I want a forever family of my own!"

Neveah is a very bubbly, energetic child. She loves playing with her siblings. She also likes to play with dolls and Barbie's. She is a “girly-girl” who likes to have her hair done and her nails painted. Neveah loves to go out to eat for a treat. She has a close relationship with her siblings and takes the role of oldest very seriously. Neveah is in school and needs a family who will support and encourage her educationally. She struggles at times to control her emotions, but she takes redirection and guidance well. Neveah likes to attend church and be active outdoors.

Neveah needs a family who has patience and will guide her through her emotional struggles.


"I am looking for my forever family!"

Victor is a very outgoing and energetic child. He loves Spiderman, playing outside, and playing with trucks. Victor is very rumbustious and enjoys being the center of attention. He enjoys arts and crafts and playing games on the computer. Victor likes school and would like to have the opportunity to explore playing sports. He is not sure what sport he would like and wants to try everything. Victor enjoys going to church and would like to continue to attend church. He likes going to the movies to watch “Ninja Turtles” and “Spiderman.” Victor has difficulty maintaining his attention at times, so he needs reminders.

Victor needs a young, energetic, two-parent family.


"I am ready for my forever family!"

Nevae is a very energetic and sweet child. She loves to color, watch movies, and play outside. She is very close to her brother and sister and likes to be with them. Nevae is an easy-going child who loves to have family time, either going to the movies or enjoying outdoor activities. She can also be a “girly-girl” and play with dolls and Barbie's, but she does not mind playing in the dirt with her brother, Victor, either. She also likes arts and crafts time and attending church with her siblings. Nevae receives speech therapy and is making great progress.

Nevae needs a family who is willing to continue to work with her on her speech and be involved in her education.


Nevaeh, Victor, and Nevae need a two parent home. They would like parents who are energetic and fun and who will spend time with them doing family activities. Nevaeh, Victor, and Nevae need a family who will advocate and support them in their educational endeavors. They will do best in a structured home with guidance. The children would like a family who attends church. A family who will encourage them to participate in sports will be ideal. Neveah, Victor, and Nevae need a fun-loving, active family.

Children are under Texas Department of Family and Protective Services