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    African American
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California Child

Alton is young man with a playful side and a sense of humor. His true gift is making others laugh and anyone who spends just a little time with him is bound to leave with a grin on their face and a smile in their heart. Alton has many friends, probably because of his fun and outgoing personality and also because he is a GOOD friend! Alton is thoughtful and kind. He is engaging, calm and patient. He is loyal to those he loves and is always willing to listen. Alton is an outdoorsman who absolutely loves football, whether just watching it or playing it. His favorite team is the team that happens to be winning the game! His favorite position is as a wide receiver. Basketball is another one of his pastimes. Alton loves dancing and is a great Hip Hop dancer. At school, As for food choices, Alton doesn’t seem to have a particular favorite but is a fan of “kid foods” such as pizza and cheeseburgers. Alton’s hopes for the future are to live with a forever family then grow up, get a job, make a lot of money, and buy a house in the hills. Now he just needs a family to stand by his side in life.