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A Family For Every Child
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A Family For Every Child
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A Family For Every Child
1675 West 11th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97402

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Christy Obie-Barrett,
Executive Director

A Family For Every Child is a non-profit organization that serves families, children, and agencies nationwide. Thank you for all your support.

A Family For Every Child



Family Matching Made Easy


What is the Matching Assistance Program (MAP)?
MAP is a free membership program that provides nationwide families with access to additional child listings in order to help support home study-approved families who are seeking to adopt from foster care.

MAP works alongside you, your adoption worker, and children's caseworkers during the "matching" phase of the adoption process, connecting waiting families with children.

What is required to join MAP?
  • A current home study that approves your family to adopt from foster care. We accept foster-to-adopt-home studies.
  • An open mind towards children who are over the age of 7, part of a sibling group, a member of a racial or ethnic minority, and who have some level of emotional, behavioral, developmental, physical, and/or medical needs.

What services does MAP provide families?

  • Fast and easy registration with MAP Express
  • First-rate child search form to find potential matches
  • Ability to create a family biography with photos to share with searching caseworkers
  • Quickly submit your home study and family biography directly to a child's caseworker
  • Successful recruitment services to connect families with children's caseworkers
  • Caseworker contact information for certain states
  • A private online support group
  • Paid Additional Services Program with an Adoption Specialist
And More!

If you are home study ready, register for MAP using our MAP Express registration form. If you are just getting started with the adoption process, check out our state resources page, for information on how to become an adoptive parent in your state. If you are struggling with finding potential child matches, we recommend you register for MAP using our full registration form. This form will allow you to fill out an advanced child preference check list to receive more accurate child matches.