Child / Sibling Group Photo Listing

A Family For Every Child recruits permanent homes for many foster kids from many different states. We receive emails and profiles on a weekly basis from social workers, Wendy's recruiters and permanency supervisors. The form below was created to assist in registration of waiting children.. We have several child listing web sites. There are public web sites and a log-on private site for kids that cannot be seen on the public site. With this registration, the child can be on line within 24 hours. Please enter extra information in the case worker notes section. These notes are not for public viewing, but case worker notes are shared with home studied families, to provide you with a better match for your child. They can include the details of what qualities a successful adoptive family might possess for the child you are trying to match. They might be 2 parents, no younger children, no animals, current issues/barriers, area of the country preferred....etc.... Think broad and you can always rule out as you go, yet on the other hand, we do work hard to provide only studies worth your time. If a child is able to be placed out of the state, it opens the door for many more home studies, yet we also have success on the web with in-state placements. If you would like your child on one of our sites, or partner sites, please fill in and/or attach any current bio and images you may have. Good pictures are very important, if you are in need of professional images we may be able to connect you to one of our many volunteer professional photographers. As you move through the form, it should direct you and answer some of the questions you may have, but if you are needing assistance, please call our office at 541-343-2856, or email, or If you would like to publicly or privately list a foster child for adoption, please click below.

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Child/Sibling Group Family Searches

At the link below you will find a "Search" form that you can fill out. We will then search our data base of over 5000 families for you. We ask that you give us 3-4 business days to do so. Once you have filled out the form below (at the link, sample form below) we will enter this information in our data base, pull up families that fit this criteria and develop a targeted template and email that will go out to as many as 500 families at a time. Images are very important, so please do your best to supply one, it will make a difference.

Link to Form

Search for a Family

We ask for your contact information as we will direct the families to you if they are interested. We do our best to use the information you give us to give "you" the families you think will be successful for your child/children. Please be as open as you can about area. If a child has to move, a 2 hour move may be as dramatic as one across the country. When open to a bigger area, you are likely to get a better skilled more specific group for your children.

If you have any questions you may reach me at