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A Family For Every Child

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Christy Obie-Barrett,
Executive Director

1675 West 11th Avenue
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Let Us Search for Families for Your Kids

Wednesday April 23, 2014

Age(s), Respectively
Urgency of Placement How soon?
Legal Status
Caseworker Name
Caseworker Email
Caseworker Phone
Caseworker State
A portrait quality photo is important. Attach a photograph of the child or children:
Biography: Attach bulletin, profile, or write-up or fill below. . Remember to list what you LIKE about the child, their strengths and interests. Also very helpful to have any ideas the child has voiced about what they would like in a family.
Attach here:
Or paste-in or fill-out below:
Does a successful home have: 2 parents, single parents, or same sex couples?
A successful home has: Other kids? Older? Younger?
Can each of them attend Public school?
Are they ok with animals?
Is Special Parenting Training or experience needed?
Specify the area of the country (please keep in mind the larger the search area the better results we will get)
Specify the Biological-family and/or Foster-family contact desired
Optional: How long in foster care?
Optional: IEP?
Optional: Medical Diagnoses / Medications
Can we add the child to our public websites? In order for us to do this, the child must be legally free (or approved for public recruitment when at legal risk). ( Yes / No)
Can we add the child to our login-protected web site? (The website is available to only Home study approved families and children do not need to be legally free). (Yes / No)
Please copy the randomly generated number(to help with spam prevention). random number