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Additional Services Terms and Agreements

A Family for Every Child is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding homes for children in foster care. Our organization is committed to serving adoptive families in any way we can, but in doing so we recognize we are limited in the services we can offer, such as:

  1. A Family for Every Child and your Family Adoption Specialist are not meant to replace your worker by representing you at Child Match Meetings, nor will we be able to oversee placement and post-placement services. It is our hope your Adoption Worker will remain as involved in the adoption process as possible, and provide those services for you. We will do as much engagement and out reach as we can to include your worker from the beginning.  We also recognize case load and time are common issues workers have and will do all we can to assist them and you in getting the responses and assistance you need.
  2. Your Family Adoption Specialist will follow up on all submissions made through A Family for Every Child after two (2) weeks.
  3. Your Family Adoption Specialist will not be able to submit your home study for children on our site, as we grant all MAP families submission autonomy.
  4. Your Family Adoption Specialist CAN however, submit your home study for children not listed on the A Family for Every Child site.

In signing up for our additional services, you recognize:

  1. Depending on your child preferences, your Family Adoption Specialist may not be able to produce matching results in a child search. Child preferences include, but are not limited to, a child’s age, ethnicity, gender, sibling group status, special needs level, and location.
  2. Your Family Adoption Specialist will provide you with the following services:

    1. Two child searches per month;
    2. Follow up on submissions you make for children listed on and/or through the A Family for Every Child site two weeks after you make the submission;
    3. Additional recruitment assistance;
    4. Answers to questions regarding the adoption process; and
    5. Direction to resources to further expand your knowledge of foster care challenges, as requested by you.
    6. Submitting your home study for children not listed on our site.
  3. You agree to a 3-month contract to start, and then agree to a month-to-month basis following the initial 3-month period. If you deactivate your account before the initial 3-month period is over, no refund will be made.
  4. Our system is designed to automatically withdraw the additional membership services fee from your account on the 1st of every month. If you wish to cancel your additional membership services, you must login to your account to do so before the 1st of the month.
  5. If any issues arise between you and your Family Adoption Specialist, and/or you are dissatisfied in any way with the services the Matching Assistance Program is providing, you will contact our Matching Assistance Team at or (541) 343-2856. This will ensure the problem is mitigated as soon as possible. A Family for Every Child cannot assist with issues that are not brought to the attention of the team in a timely manner. We understand this is a very intimate and frustrating process, we want to hear from you often if you are unhappy.
  6. Refunds will not be provided except in extreme circumstances, and are at the discretion of the Matching Assistance Coordinator and the Executive Director.
These terms and agreements are subject to change by our company at any time in its discretion. Your use of these services after such changes are implemented constitutes your acknowledgment and acceptance of the changes.

By checking the “I Agree” button below you agree to all the terms and conditions outlined above.