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Matching Assistance Program - Additional Services

Our Additional Services Program is a paid program for families who are signed up for our Matching Assistance Program (MAP). The Additional Services Program provides an Adoption Specialist to families who are struggling in the matching process, and could use additional assistance finding potential child matches and connecting with children's caseworkers.

Additional Services The Adoption Specialist provides families:
  • Two child searches a month
  • Weekly phone call/email check-ins
  • Follow up on children you submitted on through our website
  • Assistance finding caseworker contact information for offsite submissions
  • Knowledge of adoption process, selection, placement, etc.
  • Support and guidance*

How much does the Additional Services Program cost?

The additional Services Program costs $50/month. Families are required to sign up for 3 months to start, and a payment for all 3 months of service is due up front. After the initial 3 months, families switch to a month-to-month membership.

Additional Services
How do I sign up?

If you are registered for our Matching Assistance Program and would like to be added to our Additional Services Program wait list, email us at