Trouble Logging In

Sorry it did not work. See if you can figure out what happened!
Usually it is one of these things:

  • You registered on our site. You gave a password. You receive all of our emails and announcements. You know who we are.... Yes, it can happen. If you did not already sign up just for the Matching Assistance Program (MAP), you won't be able to login. You have registered, but not created an account. Logins are for MAP accounts only.

    What is MAP? MAP is a free program for home-studied families who are attempting to adopt and would like access to additional listings and help in the matching phase. Want to sign up? CLICK HERE.

  • You DID sign up for the Matching Assistance Program, and cannot login because your password does not work.

      Here are some common problems:
    • You haven't tried the password recovery or forgot the answer to the question. Try again or contact us Thanks!.
    • You have a new email address. Maybe you used your old email address?
    • You have the right password, but did not pay attention to capitalization.
    • You have the CAPS LOCK button on your keyboard "on".
    • You are trying to copy and paste your password from another file, using a program like Word or Notepad. Unfortunately, though the characters may look right, they don't look the same to the browser. Carefully type the password in and see if it works.

Thanks for trying. Please feel free to contact us and ask questions, especially if it still does not work. During business hours you can phone us at: 541-343-2856 (Office) or 425-449-3509 for the Matching Assistance Coordinator

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