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Thank You For Considering These Children

What's next?

  • Your submission will appear tomorrow on the Submissions tab of the Matching Assistance Program. submissions tab
  • You should receive (within a few minutes) instructions in your email. If you don't, check your spam folder, then let us know.
  • Read them carefully. In most cases, they contain a copy of the submission, specialized information specifically about the submission (as we are permitted) and general information.
  • Note the timing of the next steps you should take. They can differ for different states, counties, agencies, workers, or kids. Social workers need time to read your home study. Timely, reasonable follow-ups make a difference and indicate to a social worker, who may not know you, that you are really interested.
  • Oregon IS a worker-to-worker-state. As an adoptive parent, you should not directly contact a child's social worker without a specific invitation to do so.
  • Ordinarily, you or your adoption worker will be the first to know about interest in your family.
  • Please notify us if you are chosen or learn that the child/ren are no longer available.
  • Please avoid the brower's "back button". Use the CONTINUE button below.
  • You can submit for multiple children or sibling groups before getting answers from past submissions.
  • In many cases, out of state adoptions are possible. Check with your adoption worker about out-of-state adoption, too.
  • To leave feedback, click here.