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Daily Life with the Shewfelt's

How it all Began

We met and fell in love in the winter of 1990 while I was still in high school. He had just graduated and was still unsure of what he wanted to do when he grew up. We both headed out to Victoria BC in the fall of 1992 to attend University where I received my degree in Biology and he, a degree in Engineering. Our parents blessed us with a dream wedding in April of 1995 and thus officially began our lives together.

Once it was time to plan our family, I gladly and willingly chose to stay home to nurture and eventually organize the daily schedules for our 2 daughters. I still to this day continue to undertake this important job with a content heart and with the utmost of enthusiasm. I truly love staying home for my family and cannot imagine a more fulfilling role. This is wonderful, considering John loves his job too, and is in full support and respect of my job.

Our love of travel and our community

Our family loves to travel, both in the car, plane, train or boats. We spend multiple times every year travelling to visit family, friends or venturing to new countries to explore and learn. We have visited most Provinces in Canada, 22 states of the USA and 7 different European and South American countries.

Our community of Saskatoon is culturally rich with summer festivals every weekend ranging from Jazz events, multicultural events, firework festivals, historical days, and a wide range of art and cultural events. We live in a beautifully restored home in the heart of the University District where we are within biking and walking distance to the museums, films and festivals too. We generally walk or bike to our local market for groceries, while all medical facilities and libraries are likewise considerably nearby. Any type of sport imaginable is available to try, with beautiful facilities and coaching staff for all. Track and Field Club, multitudes of soccer fields, tennis, basketball, volleyball, badminton, dance, gymnastics, hockey, professional diving and football, to name a few.

Extended Family

Our Faith