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Hello! We are Bill and Debra Buecker from Georgia. We have been blessed to have six fantastic children. However, it has been like raising two separate sets of children because when our three sons were almost adults, we adopted a sibling group of three from foster care. Our oldest son, Cory(30), lives in Austin; second son, Jordan(26), lives in Indiana; and third son, Skylar(20), is the big brother still at home. Our "second" set of children include Katelynn(8 and the only daughter), Jonathan(7), and Landon(6). We are able to visit with Cory and his new wife Anna once or twice a year and Jordan three or four times per year. Just before the adoption was finalized in 2007, Cory asked his mom if this was what she really wanted. Debra's answer was, "How many people get to live their dream not once, but twice in a lifetime? All I ever wanted was to be a mother." We consider our family not only a gift, but also our life's mission.

Our home is in the country and is situated on three acres. This allows our kids plenty of space to play and ride their scooters, which is one of their favorite outdoor activities. The children love to help in the garden and take tractor rides around the pasture. They also love anything that has water in the equation - kiddie pool, slip and slide, water balloons, or just playing in the rain. To their great delight we are planning a vacation at the beach this summer. We take at least one road trip each year, usually to Louisiana to visit friends and family. While on vacation we do several kid-friendly outings, and of course, one of their delights is simply staying at a hotel. We've learned from experience that we are all happiest when they can run around at places like the zoo or water parks rather than more contained areas like museums.

It has become something of a tradition that we go to the park on Saturday afternoon. The kids get a chance to play with other children, usually meeting up with someone from school. Another pleasure is Skylar getting the kite up for them.

We are actively involved at our church where the children look forward to their Bible classes. Bill and Debra see the importance of both modeling and teaching good values to our children. Also, since the children have no living grandparents, we have some wonderful church friends who have agreed to fill this role. Our church family is our support network and our adoption cheerleaders. We also have a short worship time geared to the children just before bedtime. We have also determined that the children thrive on a set time for meals, bath, homework, worship, bed, etc.

We are fortunate, even though we live in the country, to have the children's school less than a minute from our house. Bill, Debra, Cory, and Jordan are college graduates, so we naturally place value on getting an education and stress the importance of doing the best you can at school. We have open communication with the children's teachers and school personnel, which helps to stay informed and also helps to keep a small problem from becoming a big one.

We believe that we have the love, compassion, and experience to parent additional children and look forward to welcoming a new member(s) to our family. We love children and find them to be a source of constant joy. We would love to have childdren of any race and feel that a girl would fit nicely into our household, but we are open to either gender and are also open to considering a wide range of needs, as can be viewed in our profile. [In the first picture below, the back row: Skylar, Bill, Cory's new bride, Anna, Cory, Jordan. Front row: Jonathan, Katelynn, Debra, and Landon in front of Debra.]