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Bulletin #WA335
Age 12
Date created: 10:12PM Thursday 09/29/11
Last updated: 10:10AM Tuesday 03/11/14
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Lee’Aujanique is a young girl with a smile that lights up her eyes! She likes to be called Lee and is most responsive to adults who use positive reinforcements to engage and encourage her. Lee loves to play dress up, have her hair done with pretty, decorative barrettes and pins. Lee also likes animals and often visits with a therapy dog.

Although she is performing at grade level, Lee still requires more support in school to keep her on task. She would benefit from a family who can provide her with academic support and help with building positive peer relationships and managing her feelings.

Lee is currently connecting with a “Practice Family” to familiarize her with healthy family life by visiting with a family and sometimes going to events and activities with them. The Practice Family is also helping Lee feel less anxious about the adoption process and to understand the advantages of having a family of her very own. At this point she really likes the practice family and wants to start going on outings. Through this Practice Family, Lee has been improving with her ability to make meaningful connections to people by taking the time to getting to know each other. She is also learning new habits and becoming more open to trying new things.

Participating with Lee in counseling during her transition into her adoptive home will be a very important way for her adoptive parents to show their love and commitment to her. She will also need a family who is willing to help her reconnect with her siblings.

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