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Photographer: Nikki Belyea
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Bulletin #WA886
Age 16
Date created: 01:10PM Monday 10/17/11
Last updated: 12:31PM Tuesday 04/22/14
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Cody is generally a very happy and affectionate boy who presents as several years younger than his chronological age. Lovable and outgoing, he thoroughly enjoys any activity that gives him opportunities to have adult attention. Cody has all kinds of interests ' he likes toy race cars and dump trucks, board games, drawing, doing crafts, looking through picture books, watching movies and cartoons, riding his bike, fishing, swimming, and bowling. His all-time favorite movies is Disney's 'Cars!' Since he first saw the film, Cody has become very adept at identifying vehicles, and has come to love the idea of traveling and going on family trips. One of his hobbies is looking at various types of maps and planning trips. Cody loves to feel like he is helping out and being resourceful.

Cody asked to be able to participate in the writing of his profile and here are some thoughts he wants to share.

"My name is Cody. My birthday is July 1st and I'd like to be adopted on my birthday. I would like to live in Anaheim, California to be close to Disneyland. I like warm weather. I like swimming in swimming pools. I like the temperature when it's 80-90 decrees. I like video games. I love to plan trips and I like to plan train trips.
I am in 8th grade. I like writing. I like Fridays. I like camping in a cabin. My favorite colors are blue and green. I like to play Candyland. I love cookies, especially M&M cookies. I like to help grocery shop.

I would like a home that has fish and bunnies. I want to be an only child. My favorite holiday is the 4th of July. I like country western music. I would like a mommy and a daddy. Sincerely, Cody"

Cody's worker would like him to have the opportunity to have two parents, given his craving for attention and his care needs, yet she also wants to hear from those terrific single dads and moms who have great support systems and the skills to meet his needs. Cody needs adoptive folk(s) able to be strong advocates for his educational, developmental, and counseling needs during childhood and adolescence.

11-18-09 Cody from NWAE on Vimeo.

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