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Photographer: Roseann Endres
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Bulletin #WA897
Age 17
Date created: 03:08PM Monday 10/17/11
Last updated: 01:09PM Friday 01/10/14
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Skyler is smart and does really well in school with supports in Math and Written Language, usually earning A's and B's. Skyler especially enjoys writing poetry which has provided him with an important therapeutic outlet.

An avid baseball player who enjoys playing other sports, too, he has fun skateboarding and riding his bike. And of course, he wouldn't be a teenager if he didn't enjoy playing video games.

Skyler is generally a friendly boy, and while he tends to get along with others, he has been improving his social skills so that he can enjoy more positive relationships and social interactions.

Skyler truly wants to be adopted and has given thought to what he would like in a family. He wants an alcohol and smoke free home where sports activities are important. He also prefers a place where he can earn an allowance and he can have his own room. Having parents who are positive role models for good listening and good communication skills could give Skyler an huge boost forward.

A good fit for Skyler would be adoptive parent(s) who interact with children with positive regard, encouragement, and praise, who reward positive behavior, and who allow children to make limited choices so they can experience a sense of control in their lives and learn personal responsibility. Skyler says he would like his adoptive family to have one or two other kids in the home around his own age.

Being willing to participate with Skyler in counseling during his transition into his adoptive home will be a meaningful way for his adoptive folks to show their love and commitment. It will also show that they value using such resources to help family members deal with past hurts and move forward in healthy ways behaviorally and emotionally.

Skyler's social worker wants to hear from couples and from single moms and single dads who have strong support from family, friends, and community resources. Also, having a good repertoire of behavioral tools and strategies for parenting will serve his adoptive parents well! Structure, consistency, clear rules, expectations, limits, and natural and logical consequences will all be important in helping Skyler be successful.
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