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Bulletin #NM49
Age 16
Date created: 02:40PM Monday 04/30/12
Last updated: 03:48PM Tuesday 02/25/14
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New Mexico Child


Eathan is proud of his ability to do well in school and that he is reading at a much higher grade level than his own. He is a quiet, respectful young boy who responds well to patience, support and close side-by-side parenting techniques. He has a sensitive side, which is seen in the manner that he cares for younger children. He enjoys computer games, jumping on a trampoline, and going on outings to the library to read his favorite books.


Eathan attends a public school where he responds well to supportive teaching, which provides one-on-one attention and direction. Eathan has thought a lot about the family he would like to adopt him, and is able to express some of his wishes. He would like to have a mom and dad who will treat him as part of their family, and would like to be the oldest in the family. Adults who work with Eathan believe he is a special boy and have grown to care for him a great deal.