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Bulletin #OH710
Age 14
Date created: 04:20PM Tuesday 05/01/12
Last updated: 01:31PM Tuesday 06/18/13
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Ohio Child
Austin is a young man who loves puzzles and playing cards. He finds this mode of entertainment comforting and it's also a way he likes to connect with others. Austin tends to keep to himself, but is working on learning to engage in appropriate social interactions with peers in his placement setting.

Austin is a child who needs to be busy and have his time occupied with productive activities. Having something constructive to focus his attention on usually seems to keep Austin from getting into mischief. Along with this, Austin's personality demands that the adults in his life involve themselves with him in many of his activities or at least provide him with lots of attention and encouragement while he is participating. Austin thrives on positive interaction and encouragement and when he does not get it, he often will resort to negative attention-seeking behaviors. Austin has made significant improvements in his current structured and supportive classroom room setting. Austin struggles with accepting directions and consequences and can be very persistent when told "no". He responds extremely well to routine, structure and consistency, and thrives on one-on-one attention.