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Bulletin #NJ228
Age 13
Date created: 05:51PM Tuesday 05/01/12
Last updated: 10:43AM Friday 01/10/14
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New Jersey Child

Dontaye is an energetic happy youngster. He loves to explore his surroundings and runs enthusiastically in the process. Dontaye throws himself into his activities giggling and smiling joyfully. He enjoys playing with his peers and has a healthy appetite. Along with arts and crafts his favorite activity is playing with wagons and cars that make sounds. Dontaye has minimal use of signs and his frustration with communicating his needs can lead to tantrums and hitting. He is slow to adjust to change and therefore does best with a consistent routine. During periods of change he experiences increases in activity, irritability, and tantrums. Dontaye continues to need assistance meeting his daily needs. Lately his speech ability has improved.

The ideal family for Dontaye will work with him one on one and advocate for appropriate educational and vocational services for him to develop to his full capabilities. Dontaye and his sister are bonded and need to maintain contact, if one special family is not able to reunite them.