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Bulletin #CA71
Age 15
Date created: 12:22PM Friday 05/04/12
Last updated: 12:25PM Tuesday 06/18/13
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California Child
Angel, is a true girly girl. This pleasant and loving teenager, likes doing what most teenagers do. She enjoys cooking, shopping and going to the movies. She also enjoys listening to music and loves karaoke. Angel also has the athletic skills to take you to the rim. She enjoys playing basketball and has the height to really score. Angel also likes school and continues to excel in her academics. She is a good student and likes to help others. Angel has had her share of obstacles and has really overcome adversity. She is open to learning new things, especially how to channel her anger. Angel now expresses how she feels by writing in her journal. She has found this to be a very helpful coping mechanism. In addition, expressing herself more in a therapeutic setting.