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Bulletin #NJ192
Age 19
Date created: 02:01AM Friday 03/04/11
Last updated: 12:54PM Thursday 01/16/14
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Melvin, now 19, is legally free and available for adoption. He currently lives in a group home with other similarly aged children with special needs.

Melvin does well on outings, enjoys rides in cars, and ordering from his favorite fast food restaurants. He will eat vegetables as long as they are mixed with one of his favorite foods such as pasta, rice or potatoes. He enjoys exercise and showing his muscles. He enjoys talking about his large collection of sports hats.

In school, Melvin receives individual guidance throughout the school day. He puts out an earnest effort in school and is learning to recognize the alphabet. He generally speaks in phrases, expressing his needs in the third person. Child-like, he has stolen the hearts of school personnel, neighbors and his foster family.

Melvin will require life long supervision and support, and would fit well in a family setting. If he becomes anxious he is easily calmed with soothing support. Melvin walks with a disturbance in his gait due to his medical condition, but moves independently.

Melvin's foster mother works with him on personal hygiene and exercises to relax and strengthen his muscles and improve dexterity.

Home and school use intensive behavior modification programs to reduce repetitive and self-injurious behaviors and increase communication skills. He thrives best with a predictable daily schedule.

Melvin will do well with a family who understands his medical and developmental needs. A patient, structured, and loving family willing to provide a home for him throughout adulthood will help Melvin reach his potential.
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