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Bulletin #NJ134
Age 16
Date created: 01:21PM Thursday 05/12/11
Last updated: 01:58PM Wednesday 10/23/13
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Zyare is a remarkably friendly, energetic and inquisitive boy with a great sense of humor. He generally greets people with a hug and enjoys attention from adults.

He is also very athletic and talented in basketball, football, roller skating, and gymnastics.

Zyare has a fondness for music and absolutely loves to dance. Some of his other interests include video games, computers, motorcycles, cars and art.

Though this talented kid is undecided about what career he would like to pursue as an adult he has expressed an interest in becoming a police officer because he likes to help others.

Zyare is very proud of himself as he is maturing and making efforts to improve academically and socially.

Due to past experiences, Zyare does not expect that adults will commit to him yet he still holds on to his hope of being adopted by a family who will love him unconditionally. Zyare is very eager to meet a forever family and would best benefit in an adoptive home where he can receive undivided attention from his parents or one where he would have older siblings.