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Photographer: Yuen Lui Studios
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Bulletin #WA309
Age 17
Date created: 09:59AM Saturday 05/21/11
Last updated: 12:49PM Tuesday 04/22/14
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Shauwen is an intelligent and witty young man. Those who know him say he is very smart, funny and likes to learn new things. Shauwen has a great memory for facts and enjoys books about history related to war, airplanes, and other topics that intrigue him.  When watching movies the James Bond series are some of his favorite.  Shauwen appreciates learning about new places, languages, and cultures.  He also likes music and the outdoors.  In addition to playing the guitar, he has mixed music tracks to customize songs using his computer software.  Activities in the community Shauwen enjoys include camping, going to the local water amusement park, and swimming.

Shauwen has a wonderful vocabulary that is very advanced for his age and he has great plans for his future.  Shauwen wants to graduate from high school and pursue a career as a game designer.  He is very successful in his Computer Assisted Design (CAD) classes in high school as well.  This would be another good option for Shauwen to pursue after high school.  Since Shauwen thoroughly enjoys playing a variety of video games he has also entertained a desire to work in the video game industry as a person who plays and critiques new games.

Shauwen currently resides in a two-parent foster home with other children and two dogs.  Shauwen’s older siblings have been adopted separately by single parents, and these families will be a wonderful support to Shauwen’s adoptive parents as well.  Families who desire to make Shauwen a part of their family, supporting his emotional and behavioral needs so he reaches his full potential, are encouraged to contact his social worker. Shauwen is sure to bring laughter and adventure to your family as you travel a memorable path with him.



2011-04-28 Shauwen from NWAE on Vimeo.

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