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Bulletin #NJ145
Age 17
Date created: 11:30AM Saturday 05/21/11
Last updated: 02:11PM Wednesday 10/23/13
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Emere is a talented child who loves to read, watch tv in his free time, play video games and draw. Emere’s above average artistic ability is displayed in his drawings which are quite creative and impressive. Emere loves to read and his favorite book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Emere is very athletic and enjoys swimming and playing different sports, especially basketball where he excels. His favorite basketball team is the Lakers and he dreams of one day playing in the NBA. He was very proud when he made the school’s basketball team.

Emere is healthy and has a good appetite. Some of his favorite foods are chicken, pizza, and Chinese food. He also loves to eat at McDonald’s. Emere can be very helpful in doing household chores, and caring for the family dog. He enjoys listening to music and his favorite artists are Lil Wayne and Soulja Boy.

Emere likes school and gets along with other kids his age. He attends regular classes and with a little motivation, can be on the honor roll. Given his athleticism, his favorite class is physical education. His least favorite is Math.

Emere will flourish in a home where the family is attentive, provides structure and discipline in a loving and supportive manner, while nurturing his creativity.

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