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Bulletin #FL388
Age 17
Date created: 09:00AM Wednesday 05/25/11
Last updated: 08:44AM Tuesday 06/25/13
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This is Marty! Isn't he a handsome young man? He recently turned 14 in February. Marty is incredibly intelligent and makes good grades in school. He is an engaging child and is easy to talk to and interact with. He is interested in technology and likes to play on the computer, watch movies, and listen to music. Marty would benefit from being involved in extracurricular activities such as team sports or other group settings which help children learn self discipline, responsibility, and teamwork.

Marty has attended the adoption matching events and has been independent enough to go and interact with other children and families in a confident manner. Marty has been in foster care for far too many years. It is imperative that he be matched with a family soon.