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Gabe (Jameson)
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Bulletin #NM9
Age 16
Date created: 10:08AM Thursday 06/16/11
Last updated: 10:18AM Thursday 06/20/13
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Introducing loving and affectionate Jameson, who prefers to be called "Gabe". From collecting Yu-Gi-Oh cards to gardening, to throwing footballs, to coloring in coloring books, this active guy finds fun in a whole array of activities. Riding bikes is another of his hobbies. Getting down into his roots, this young Navajo likes listening to Native American music. Playing video games indoors is another activity he loves.

It may take this lad a while to warm up, but he is quite talkative, endearing, sensitive, outgoing and engaging. He does well around pets, especially dogs and cats. Pizza and seafood are the favorites but almost any food is loved by him.

In the eighth grade, Gabriel enjoys school, especially art. He currently benefits from personalized attention in the classroom.

Gabriel is not expected to live independently as an adult and will need a forever family who can advocate for him; however, he can have a wonderful future. Gabriel has a grandmother with whom he would like to remain in contact.

This adolescent responds well to playfulness and kindness, which would be great for his forever family to have. It would be a plus if Gabriel's adoptive family was of the similar Native American background. Financial assistance may be available for adoption-related services.