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Bulletin #OR13227
Age 16
Date created: 03:50PM Friday 06/17/11
Last updated: 09:36AM Thursday 04/17/14
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Oregon Child
"Ryan is such a neat kid, and wonderful to hang out with because he is such a great companion. He has been working hard on his moral compass, and is turning into a truly delightful young man. He is genuinely excited about finding his adoptive family - the family that adopts him is going to be such a lucky one."  ~DHS Caseworker
Ryan is a self-described country boy who likes farm life, helping out with animals and being outdoors. He loves the "country life" and even dresses the part, complete with boots and a big belt buckle. A staunch country western music fan, Ryan lists his favorites as Johnny Cash, Alan Jackson, Hank Williams, Jr. and Randy Travis. If Ryan could visit anywhere, he would relish a trip south to Tennessee "where the country singers are."
Ryan is having fun with his involvement in 4H and is learning to ride a horse. He also enjoys playing basketball, riding bikes, playing board games, watching movies and cheering on the Oregon Beavers. In addition to his time outdoors, Ryan likes to do art and draw "graffiti" style, or eat his favorite foods - Chinese or Mexican. Ryan pictures himself living in the country with farm animals. He would love to grow up with a family who savors outdoorsy family time together fishing, camping, and riding ATV's and dirt bikes.
Ryan is quite charming and conversational. He is a good buddy and companion who interacts very well with adults. He likes to help out, and truly values individualized time and attention from adults who care. Ryan also has a good sense of humor and can be pretty funny.
Ryan has also made progress in the last year in his schooling and is now doing half of his school day in mainstream classrooms. He is behind academically, but is working hard to learn and grow in his contained classroom. He is well loved by the teachers and staff at the school. His caregivers will need to understand how his past trauma might impair his ability to learn, and his caregiver will need to ensure his educational needs are being met. They will need to advocate for Ryan as he continues in his schooling. 
Ryan would like to have contact with his birth brother and appropriate biological family members in the future. It would be important for him to maintain contact as he will have questions as he is gets older about his biological family, and he has expressed that it is critical for him to continue to have the same close relationship with his brother that he has now.
Ryan would do best in a family with older or no children and may need supervision with peers to help him with social skills and peer relationships. He has developed much healthier coping skills, but does sometimes feel the urge to "parent" younger children. He needs structure and activities to keep him busy and focused on day to day activities. Ryan can experience mood swings, and sometimes needs some solitary peace and quiet in order to balance himself. He does best in a two parent home with strong providers who can give him space when he requires it and who can provide him with one on one attention on a daily basis. Ryan would flourish in a family home that is similar to his foster home - located in the country with plenty of outdoor activities and space to explore. 
Ryan dreams of living on a horse farm, ideally in a spacious home (orange and black themed of course for the Beavers!) with his own bedroom and bathroom, while being a son who gets his family's full focus. He sees himself in the future as playing football for the Beavers, and perhaps becoming a rancher. Most of all, he longs for a family where he can feel "safe, secure and stable." He confides, "it is hard not having a permanent home." He does not want a family who indulges in excess "partying" and substance use. 
Ryan will need a family that is prepared to give him the attention he needs to become a successful adult, to honor his connections to his biological sibling and family, and to be a strong advocate for services and schooling that would benefit him. Ryan craves permanency and is eager to start his life with his adoptive family.
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