Where did this browser window come from?

This browser window appears when you click on the "Inactive" button within A Family For Every Child's interactive follow-up email to let us know that a child's recruitment has ended.

Why should I answer these questions?

We hope that several of our families have submitted home studies. We will inform these families of the change so they can seek other opportunities.

What happens to the information I supply?

A Family For Every Child updates the children's information. The listing is removed, and the history of our recruitment is updated.

I get too many of these emails. Can you ask less often?

You should receive just one email like this a month. Our families very much appreciate current child listings and this process makes that possible. /p>

Having this browser pop-up over and over again is a real nuisance!

Here's a trick: Resize your email and browser smaller, side-by-side. Your emailer's buttons should not be covered. (Avoid Internet Explorer, if possible). Push the appropriate button for each child, one-after the next. That updates us. As you click on each child, a new tab will open. You can then update the child's information accordingly.

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