Where did this browser window come from?

This browser window appears when you click on the "On Hold" button within A Family For Every Child's interactive follow-up email to let us know that a child recruitment is on hold.

Why should I answer these questions?

We hope that several of our families have submitted home studies. We will inform these families of the change in recruitment.

What happens to the information I supply?

A Family For Every Child updates the children's information. The listing is no longer shown, and the history of our recruitment is updated.

How do I let you know that the child is no longer on hold?

You can use the same email or you can reply to it. If this is not a temporary hold (expected to be a year or less), use the "Placed", "Inactive", or "Update" the listing as appropriate.

I am receiving inappropriate home studies. How can I change this?

The home studies you receive are the result of the adoption workers and families using their best judgment about whether they can provide a loving, permanent home for the child(ren). However, you can restrict the geographical area over which we will seek a placement and adjust the child's biography, subject to legal guidelines.

I am not receiving any home studies at all!

Try some different types of recruitment. Press the "More..." button the interactive email. We are here to help!

I get too many of these emails. Can you ask less often?

You should receive just one email like this a month. Our families very much appreciate current child listings and this process makes that possible.

Having this browser pop-up over and over again is a real nuisance!

Here's a trick: Resize your email and browser smaller, side-by-side. Your emailers buttons should not be covered. (Avoid Internet Explorer, if possible). Push the appropriate button for each child, one-after the next. That updates us. As you click on each child, a new tab will open. You can then update the child's information accordingly.

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