7 Best Blogs By Real Adoptive Parents


If you don’t personally know anyone who has adopted children, the process can be daunting and lonely. Fortunately, the Internet exists to let you know you’re not alone no matter what you are going through. Many adoptive parents have started blogs to share their adoption experiences and the joys of parenthood. Reading these blogs can help make you feel like you have a friend on speed dial ready to give you advice and guidance whenever you need it.  Here are a few of our favorite adoption blogs:

1. The Lucky Few

Mother of three Heather Avis chronicles her journey as a parent to Macyn, Truly, and August, all of whom she and her husband adopted. Macyn and August have Down Syndrome, so this blog is especially relevant to those who are looking to adopt special needs children. Heather is a fierce activist for Down Syndrome and has been featured on many podcasts and television segments. Like many adoption bloggers, she writes her blog through a Christian perspective, and also has a podcast, if reading isn’t your thing.


2. Mix and Match Mama

Shay of Mix and Match Mama shares regular updates about her daughter, Madeley, who she adopted from China. If you are considering international adoption, this is the place to learn from someone who has been there done that.


3. Confessions of an Adoptive Parent

This blog covers a wide range of topics including everything from being a foster parent to adopting a special needs child. The emphasis on foster care makes this a perfect resource for anyone looking to adopt through AFFEC.


4. Ripped Jeans and Bifocals

While Jill Robbins blogs about fun activities for families and travel, she also isn’t afraid to talk about hard-hitting subjects, like how to cope when your child drops the “You’re not my real mom,” line. This blog is relatable for moms who are adopting later in life, as Jill’s oldest is 18 years older than her two boys.


5. See Jamie Blog

Jamie’s blog about her North Carolina family of seven has won many awards for covering adoption topics such as adopting from foster care. One of her children was adopted as a teen from foster care, so families looking to adopt older children will find this blog especially relatable, as most blogs involve families with younger children.


6. Cornish Adoption Journey

The Cornish family has a total of 12 children, over half of whom were adopted. Several of the children have cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, and other conditions, so the blog provides honest insight into parenting special needs children.


7. The Cook Commentary

The Cook family has adopted internationally from both Ethiopia and China. They have been wildly successful in fundraising for their adoptions through T-shirt sales, and their blog provides a full timeline of their adoptions that shows the step by step process they went through.


Reading a blog about someone else’s journey through the adoption process can be reassuring and provide guidance when you feel lost in all of the paperwork. We hope you find these stories insightful!