A Fun Idea For An Advent Calendar


Today is December 1st.

I’m not sure exactly how this happened?  It’s the last month of the year and Christmas is only a short 24 days away.

The holiday season seems to approach faster each and every year.  My kids are buzzing with excitement and have begun the annual countdown until Christmas day.


When my kids were younger we purchased an Advent calendar for them.  Each day they opened a little paper window and were rewarded with the date and a small chocolate.  They loved the practice and couldn’t wait to receive their small present.

I was discussing the idea of decorating for the holiday with a friend and she informed me that they use an Advent calendar every year, but instead of having it full of chocolate each day the window reveals a fun holiday related activity.  For example, Fridays usually contain an instruction to watch a favorite Christmas movie and enjoy a bowl of popcorn as a family.

I loved her idea!

What a great way to build the excitement of the season without filling the kids up with sugar.

As my children get older I am always looking for ways to plug them into the family unit and build time together celebrating the entire season of giving, the new Advent calendar idea is a way to do just that.

I’m not crafty nor do I need another thing on my already overflowing “to do” list.  However, for all you parents out there who might be looking for a low cost way to incorporate the tradition of an Advent calendar this could be a fun way.

The kids could open some days to reveal a simple message such as; sing a Christmas carol, draw a Christmas picture, or make a card for Grandma.

The days can be as simple as desired, but the effect is the same… build the anticipation of the season and draw the family together in the process.

“Image courtesy of {Suat Eman, Keerati}/FreeDigitalPhotos.net”