About MAP

What Is The Matching Assistance Program?

Family Matching Made Easy

MAP is a free membership program that provides nationwide families with access to additional child listings in order to help support home study approved families who are seeking to adopt from foster care. MAP works alongside you, your adoption worker, and children’s social workers during the “matching phase of the adoption process, connecting waiting families with children.

What is required to join MAP?

A current home study that approves your family to adopt from foster care. We accept foster-to-adopt-home studies. Must be located in the United States

An open mind towards children who are:

  • Over the age of 7,
  • Part of a sibling group,
  • A member of a racial or ethnic minority
  • Who have some level of emotional, behavioral, developmental, physical, and/or medical needs.

What services does MAP provide families?

MAP provides families with a first-rate child search platform to pinpoint potential matches, and connect families with their social workers. From there, MAP allows families to submit their home study,  pictures, and share an in depth biography with children's social workers. Because adoption can be an arduous process, we also offer a private online support group. Additionally, there is an Additional Services Program that allows families to connect with an Adoption Specialist.

And More!

During the sign up process, families have the opportunity to create their own family profile to send to social workers. The family profile includes a brief biography with pictures and information about the family and what they can offer a foster child. The family biography allows the family to show off their personality and make a more personal connection with a social worker. Home studies tend to be very similar, but the family biography is a way for the family to show off how unique they are and make them stand out. The family biography is sent out with every home study submission a family makes through our site.