Kids Art Auction

April 19th - May 16th, 2021

Our second annual Kids Art Auction is now LIVE! This year's theme is Spring, and we are just enamored by all of the colors. Most of this year's pieces are listed below and are linked to their own auction page. Be sure to click View Auction below, and then Get Started in order to be able to bid on this wonderful art. 

The remaining art pieces from our late submissions will be arriving in the days to come, so be sure to check back here and on our auction site to see the latest! Together, we can help raise funds needed to place our most vulnerable foster children into loving families. 

"Flamingo Dreams" by Eva Martin
"Sweet Summer Pear" by Julie Hagood
"Handicorn" by Molly (Age 8) and Mom
"Sunflower truck" by Anonymous
"Fish out of Water" by Phil Rhodes
"Rainbow" by Molly (Age 8) and Mom
"At the market" by Julie Hagood
"Night and Day" by Carrie
"To the Sky!" by Molly (Age 8) and Mom
"Iris with Rose Buds" by Julie Hagood
"Two Hands" by Molly (Age 8) and Mom
"Inspirational Quote" by Julie Hagood
"Water Park" by Lili (Age 7)
"Mother's Work" by Julie Hagood
"Daffodils" by Hannah Belknap
"Mixed Bouquet" by Anonymous
"Spring Bird" by Jeannie Orloff
"Jouska" by Spence Fisher
"Tulip Spring" by Anonymous
"Sunset Sailing" by Diana Chappell
"Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" by Diana Chappell
"Diving in the Deep Blue" by Diana Chappell
"Catch of the Day" by Diana Chappell
"Kitty Bowl" by Pam Reynolds
"Hope from shadows" by Elena Ghent
"Soothing whispers and pearls" by Elena Ghent
"Vellore Sunsets" by Elena Ghent
"Bohemian Euphoria" by Elena Ghent
"Memories of Vellore" by Elena Ghent
"Levitation" by Elena Ghent
"Future Horizons" by Elena Ghent
"The grand Imperial" by Elena Ghent
"The Architect" by Elena Ghent
"Forever Loved" by Elena Ghent
"Life adventures" by Elena Ghent
"As you are" by Elena Ghent
"Timing" by Elena Ghent
"Standards" by Elena Ghent
"Destiny" by Elena Ghent
"Today" by Elena Ghent
"Butterflies in the heart" by Elena Ghent
"Magnolia" by Julie Hagood
"My Circus" by Megan Wagner
"Pink" by Kimberly Thompson
"Orange Flower" by Carol Browne
"Cats in a Basket" by McKinlee, Age 7
"No Spring Chicken" by Molly (Age 8) and Mom
"Pink Forest" by Stella (Age 4)
"Stars and Hearts" by Molly (Age 8)
"Think Pink" by Madison Fountain, Age 17
"Hive Five Spring" by Molly (Age 8) and Mom
"Childs Play" by Brianna Viviano (Age 13)
"Pink Spring" by Brianna Viviano (Age 13)"

If you have any questions, please contact Alex at or call 541-343-2856