Tips For Back To School


Labor Day is late this year, which means an earlier back-to-school season. Some kids have already returned, and for parents of adoptive kids, this time of year brings extra pressures beyond fulfilling the school supply list. Help prepare them (and yourself) for the new school year by considering these suggestions:

  • Here are some great ideas for reducing back-to-school anxiety, and although the article is aimed at internationally adopted children, it’s useful for anyone and includes some book recommendations for calming littler ones.
  • Your foster child may also need a cover story. It’s much easier for adults to screen and edit when faced with personal questions; quite a different matter for a foster child to navigate through the inevitable barrage on the playground. This is a great plan for you and yours to be able to anticipate those situations.
  • Parents need strategies to manage back-to-school stress just as much as the kids, and especially if your adopted child is new to the school. How much information do you need to share with your child’s teacher? When the time comes for parent-teacher conferences, use this guide to avoid sharing too much.
  • Parents are also encouraged to get involved with their child’s education any way they can—use this checklist for ideas on how to start. Finally, some school related fees might be covered by the foster care subsidy depending on what state you live in—see what’s available here.

Good luck!