Beat the Heat: A “How To” Guide


Don’t let high temperatures spoil summertime fun! Cool off with these recipes and activities:

1.) Frozen strawberry lemonade

Sip on this refreshing beverage for a relaxing way to cool off!

What You Will Need:

*Organic frozen strawberries

*Organic lemonade



For the full recipe visit Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

2.) DIY Water Sponge Bombs

Have hours of fun with a water sponge bomb fight!

What You Will Need:

*Household sponges

*Rubber bands


For further instructions and other “beat the heat” crafts visit Water Sponge Bombs.

3.) Blueberry Lemonade Ice Pops

Forget driving to the store for popsicles and try these homemade cool treats!

What You Will Need:

*Frozen lemonade concentrate

*Cold water

*Fresh blueberries


*Paper cups

*Wooden freezer pop sticks

*Mixing bowl

For the full recipe visit Blueberry Lemonade Ice Pops.

 4.) Ice Chalk

Let the whole family express their artistic side on a hot summer’s day!

What You Will Need:

*Corn starch


*Liquid watercolors

*Ice cube trays

*Optional: baking soda

For further instructions visit Ice Chalk.