Beat the Winter Boredom: Indoor Activities for Kids


At the peak of winter days are more weekends spent bundled up inside.

Here’s how to keep the blistery weekends fun for you and the kids!

1.) Winter Wonderland Obstacle Course

Create a winter-themed obstacle course with items laying around the house!

Here’s what you’ll need:

*Two long sticks for ski poles

*Two empty tissue boxes for skis

*White or light colored sheets for a snow tunnel & a string of christmas lights 

*One laundry basket filled with stuffed animals & rope to pull it

*More white or light colored sheets and plenty of pillows for a snowy mountain

For step by step instructions visit:

2.)”Rainy Day Read-A-Thon”

Grab every book in your collection, something warm to sip, a mountain of pillows and blankets, and let the read-a-thon begin!

Here’s what you will need:

*A snack of your choosing

*A beverage of your choosing


*Pillows and blankets to assemble the coziest read-a-thon fort

3.) Rain Painting 

Let the elements create the art! Just fill card stock with multicolored drops of food coloring and watch the rain splatter the colors.

Here’s What You Will Need:


*Food Coloring

*Rain Drops

For further instructions & visuals visit:

4.) DIY Silly Putty

Make your own silly putty and have fun for hours!

Here’s What You Will Need:

*Liquid Starch

*Elmer’s School Glue

*Optional: Food Coloring

For further instructions & visuals visit:

5.) Balloon Rockets

Teach your kids the concept of action and reaction with a fun science activity!

Here’s What You Will Need:

*Piece of yarn cut to 6 ft

*One balloon

*Two chairs

*One straw



For further instructions & visuals visit: