Best Blogs By Adoptees

The Lost Daughters

Lost Daughters is written by a wide variety of adopted women who are 20-60 years old and share their unique adoption experiences and upbringings. Since Amanda started the project in 2011, Lost Daughters has become a safe space for adoptees to contribute their stories and find a strong community of women to relate to.

The Adopted Life

Angela Tucker started The Adopted Life as a personal blog in 2009. In 2013, her adoption story was featured in Closure, a documentary spanning two years of her life while she searched for her biological parents and family. Today, Angela works at Amara where she is the Director of Post-Adoption Services, is creating an adoptee mentorship program, and writes for Lost Daughters. She is an advocate for adoptee rights and leader of transracial adoption.

I Am Adopted

Jessenia Arias created I Am Adopted as an outlet for adoptees to share their adoption stories. It has grown into a website full of resources for adoptees and an educational platform for adoptive parents. Her blog is full of raw content of what it’s like to be an adoptee suffering from trauma, identify, loss, stress and more. Her goal is to help everyone find their purpose in life.

Adoptee Restoration

Deanna was adopted in 1966, found her biological mother and siblings in 1993, and started her personal blog in 2013. Adoptee Restoration offers insight to adoption from the Christian community, features her personal struggles as an adoptee, and documents her ongoing search for her paternal family. She is also a spiritual contributor for Lost Daughters and has written many  books.  

Black Sheep Sweet Dreams

The author of Black Sheep Sweet Dreams, who remains anonymous, has created this blog as a resource for those who want to find their biological parents. She talks about her journey and offers tips for others who are searching for their birth parents. Often referring to her life as a “rollercoaster,” her posts are honest, inspiring and humorous. She just released her book, Black Sheep Sweet Dreams: Adoption Journal.

The Adopted Ones

The Adopted Ones is written by two adoptees from the post World War II era who come from different adoptive backgrounds and have varying view points on adoption. This blog is a great place to hear opinions, reflections, and personal stories. They discuss everything about the world of adoption.

Confessions of an Adoptee 

This isn’t your typical blog, but it is an amazing platform for adoptees to anonymously share their stories, feelings, dreams, and fears. The posts are full of emotion and a great place for adoptees to truly and freely express themselves.