Business Advocate Program

About the Program

We are offering an opportunity to be a part of the Heart Gallery of Lane County in a simple way. All we are asking is your willingness to find some space for us. We are designing and providing the set-up for custom displays according to each child’s interests in hope that your customers will consider adopting these children into their lives. Displays can include pictures, DVD loops, items representing the child’s interests and informational materials. They can range from a single easel to an entire storefront window display. Do you have room in your store and your heart to give a child a chance?

Advocate for Children

Take on a special commitment to advocate for one particular child, sibling group or small group of children with similar interests or ages. You don’t have to make a financial commitment, just an emotional commitment to show this child in a positive light in your place of business. We ask for a commitment of a month per display.

Example Galleries

Valley River Center did a store front with 2 boys that loved sports, we surrounded them with sports gear and signage.

Dr. David Matthews has a single easel with a portrait, signage and brochures.

Gateway Mall highlighted a group of 4 girls, all in the 9-12 age group, in a kiosk. We then surrounded them with pink and yellow toys.

Involve your place of business in mentoring

We will come and speak to your group or business and return for training of dedicated employees that would like to make a difference.
  • Teach a skill to our mentor youth, or a class of them.
  • Sponsor a child’s portrait for a year. You will receive notices as your child is placed and another enters your sponsored frame.
  • We are always in need of in-kind donations for our venues and opening.
  • Give your employees time to be a mentor!
  • Inserts in company hand-outs or newsletters
  • Join our special recruitment effort and be a business advocate for a waiting child.
  • Your business takes on a special commitment to advocate for one particular child.
  • Display a portrait of one child in your business or store window we will provide materials that allow you to direct people as to where they can get more information about adopting this child.

How will my business be recognized?

All of our business partners will be recognized on our website, on items that have been donated, at exhibits when appropriate and on our program for our annual “Opening” every November (National Adoption Month). Our Business Venues and Business Advocates are listed on our Monthly Newsletter Welcome Bullitins, and our “Found a Forever Family” Bulletin Our Portrait Sponsors will be recognized on a portrait with a gold plaque

Contact Us

If you are a case worker wanting to exhibit a professional photo of a child in a heart gallery please fill out our referral form.

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