About Us

A Family For Every Child (AFFEC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to finding permanent and loving adoptive families for waiting foster children. To accomplish our mission, we focus on finding loving and permanent families for children who the Oregon foster care system considers “hard to place.” The children who fall into this category are usually older, ethnically diverse, part of a sibling group, or have severe physical, emotional and/or developmental challenges. AFFEC began as the vision of its founder and Executive Director, Christy Obie-Barrett. Christy drew upon her own firsthand experiences as a tireless child advocate and mother of nine adoptive, and three biological children. Christy, along with dozens of dedicated volunteers, formed AFFEC in October 2006. The organization has grown into one which is focused, not only on locating permanent and loving adoptive families for Oregon's waiting foster children, but on identifying and reconnecting lost family members with older foster children who might otherwise end up homeless and have little hope for a bright future.

Services We Provide

AFFEC's services include mentoring, advocate services, family building services (including our Adoption Agency), a host home program for homeless youth, and overall support to the child, extended family members, social worker, and potential adoptive families. We strive to build bridges and create partnerships with other organizations and nonprofits, both locally and nationwide. AFFEC’s Adoption Agency has grown drastically, with a recent expansion of services to Washington. Over the last 5 years we have developed 10 plus programs that assist special-needs/challenging-to-place foster children in finding their own Forever Families. Our success is achieved through the efforts of 900 volunteers, twelve full-time and thirteen part-time staff, some of whom are contractors, and the collaboration of many partners. It is our goal that no family encounters undue roadblocks that prevent adopting a child from foster care.

Our History

Learn how we have grown from one employee in 2006, to helping 300+ foster children find forever families.

Our Mission

We connect hard-to-place foster children with permanent and loving homes.

Our Location

Come by our office in Eugene, Oregon.

Our News

Keep up with all of our programs and upcoming events.

Our Employees

Meet the employees who make A Family For Every Child possible.

Our Board of Directors

Meet the board members who are dedicated to bettering the lives of foster children.


Our History

The Beginning

January 1, 2006

A Family For Every Child (AFFEC), a non profit organization, began with its founder Christy Obie-Barrett, a mother of 12 children – 9 of which are adopted. Christy wanted to make a difference in the lives of more children and found a way through non profits. In January 2006, AFFEC was created to help find permanent homes for many of Oregon’s waiting children with special focus on special needs/hard

Heart Gallery of Lane County

April 1, 2006

In April, Christy’s friend, Andrea Kingsley Rippee, joined and helped create and introduce several new programs. The first of these programs was the Heart Gallery of Lane County. This program partners with area businesses to showcase a waiting child with their photo and short biography where their clientele can see them. Our first Heart Gallery partner was the 5th Street Public Market. We owe much to them in their willingness to help get this highly successful program off and running.

Family Finding Program

September 1, 2006

Family Finding started in September of 2006 when AFFEC brought a nationally known speaker, and Family Finding Creator, Kevin Campbell to do 6 month training. AFFEC opened this training to Child Welfare workers and CASAs.

2006 Recap

December 31, 2006

All our efforts were supported 100% by our in-kind donations of local volunteers and businesses.

Mentor Program

April 1, 2007

Our Heart Gallery Mentor program was created to provide local mentors to waiting children so that they would receive positive influences from the local community.

Heart Gallery Christmas Giving

December 1, 2007

This was the first year of our Heart Gallery Christmas Giving program, through which we were able to provide gifts for nearly 100 local foster children.

2007 Recap

December 31, 2007

We worked with over 250 children through one of our many growing programs. We saw over 60 children move through the Heart Gallery to find their Forever Families, largely based on churches for our locations with a new one added every month. Our media coverage expanded to include bus sides and billboards, in addition to our ongoing TV, radio & newspaper coverage. Through these programs we started by featuring one child once a month and now that has expanded to a child once a week. This expanded coverage has contributed to an 80% placement rate. We saw the start of the Family Finding training program and worked over a dozen initial Family Finding cases. This was the only one in the nation run entirely with volunteers. Over

Adoption Agency

April 1, 2008

Became an adoption agency, the Heart Gallery Adoption Agency, which allowed us to recruit for more children and represent our families in a more complete way.

Child Trends

May 1, 2008

Began a relationship with Child Trends, a national research organization, to join Los Angeles and San Francisco in a research project that we believed would show that with our Family Finding efforts, kids leave care sooner and are more connected to those who love them.

Oregon State Partnership

June 1, 2008

Received our first recruitment contract with the State of Oregon to partner with the state on Child-Specific Recruitment. This work focuses on the longest-in-care and hardest-to-place foster children, which is the core of our mission.

New Office

September 1, 2008

Moved into new offices with 8 employees, a big change from 2007 with only 1 employee and volunteers who worked from home. By the end of 2008, over 100 volunteers were helping children to find their Forever Families.

2008 Recap

December 31, 2008

Expanded to over 20 venues for our Heart Gallery, with over 100 children moving through the gallery to their own Forever Families. Began to greatly invest into our website, video, email outreach, & database efforts. The use and introduction of technology into our programs greatly increased our outreach, allowing us expand our programs and set the foundation for nationwide exposure. Life Book Group began, this was created and run by a volunteer with the help of community businesses. The Family Building program was created to support the families throughout the adoption process. This started as a support group that met twice per month.

Princess for a Day

April 1, 2009

Instituted the Princess For A Day for area and regional girls from 2-11 in foster care. Spearheaded by a group of dedicated volunteers, participating girls receive the full treatment of hair, makeup, nails, and a dress.

Recruiting for Washington

December 1, 2009

Began recruiting for Washington Children on our web site.

2009 Recap

December 31, 2009

Through our various efforts and programs, over 300 children were adopted that were deemed Hard-To-Adopt or Special-Needs. Through our recruitment we were able to reduce the average foster care placement of 40 months by half. Started a state-wide campaign to activate and educate other people in areas of Oregon to the plight of the children and how the average person, family, and business CAN make a difference. Expanded our data base to provide many services and tracking for recruitment and our families. Expanded efforts to connect families to the support resources with in their communities in order for them to succeed as a family.

Nation wide photo listing

February 15, 2010

Began photo listing children from many states and all over the country.

Our first adoption!

April 1, 2010

Finalized our first adoptions through our Heart Gallery Adoption Agency.

Washington Heart Gallery

May 1, 2010

Began the Washington Heart Gallery.

Matching Assistance Program

July 1, 2010

Instituted our Matching Assistance program to assist families in the matching process. This program utilizes the skills and experience of our staff & volunteers to support home studied families in their journey towards

1st Winter Wonderland Event

October 1, 2010

Held our first Winter Wonderland Event.This event helps to raise much needed funds and awareness for our organization and our efforts.

Heart Gallery of America Website

December 10, 2010

We took on the responsibility of maintaining the Heart Gallery of America web site.

2010 Recap

December 31, 2010

Our Heart Gallery increased to over 50 venues. This program continues to provide a valuable method of finding Forever Families for many children. Once again we expanded into offices on Beltline Road, with 5 full time and 5 part time employees and over 200 volunteers. Now over 60 mentor matches. We completed our strategic plan, business plan, and 5 year budget. Supported over 20 families a month in our Family Building support group that meets twice a month.

Hero For A Day

June 1, 2012

First Hero for a Day Event

Summer Event

July 1, 2013

First Summer Event

2014 Recap

December 31, 2014

Created Family Preservation Program Matching Assistance for Professionals

2015 Recap

December 31, 2015

Created Additional services for Matching Assistance Families

2016 Recap

December 31, 2016

Started relationship with 15th Night Celebrated 10 years

2017 Recap

December 31, 2017

Started building Host home program


“A Family for Every Child is dedicated to finding loving, permanent families for every waiting foster child.”

A Family For Every Child, a nonprofit organization, was started by Christy Obie-Barrett and dozens of dedicated and passionate volunteers. In 2006, AFFEC was formed and developed into an organization focused on finding permanent and loving adoptive homes for all waiting children. Our intention is to develop programs that assist special-needs/challenging-to-place foster children in finding their own Forever Families.

We started with our first sole project called The Heart Gallery in November 2006, and now we have blossomed into ten incredibly successful programs. None of this could have occurred without the wonderful support from this community’s sources, including volunteers, sponsors, photographers, in-kind donors and many more.

Heart Gallery Mission

The mission of Heart Gallery of America ® Inc. is to facilitate and utilize the power of photography to capture the individuality and dignity of children living in foster care, in order to advocate for their permanency, raise public awareness about their needs, and obtain support to help meet those needs. An integral part of honoring this mission is to provide assistance and resources to Heart Gallery chapters nationwide to help them achieve parallel goals for the waiting children they represent.

Facts & Figures:

  • 430,000 children in foster care in the United States
  • 10,000 children in the State of Oregon
  • 1,000 children in foster care in Lane County

Our Vision

To facilitate, encourage, and publicize the need for families to adopt special needs children. To inspire and educate families that otherwise would not have thought of becoming an adoptive family.

The Future

One of our primary focuses of the upcoming year is the “aging-out” group of teens. These are children ten years old and older who are at risk of “aging out” of the foster care system. Statistics tell us that only half of these youths will graduate from high school, and fewer than three percent will graduate from college.

Finding permanent parents for teens before they exit foster care, no matter what their age, is the single greatest positive youth-development program. The greatest need in the adoption field is to do special recruitment, retention, and support for adoption of children ages ten and older.

Our focus will be lifetime-committed parents, adoption and teen-permanency programs, which will include Family Finding, ten-and-older adoptions and mentoring.

It has been quite a year and we thank you for that! We hope to continue to have your involvement and support in the future, as it is evident through our successful programs that we ARE making a difference. We could never be doing such incredible work without you and the support of the very generous community.


1675 West 11th Avenue
Eugene, Oregon 97402
(541)-343-2866 (fax)

Our offices are located on the corner of West 11th Avenue and Chambers St. We are in the building with LZ Chinese Dish Restaurant and diagonally across from Papa’s Pizza.

Directions from Interstate 5 highway:

  1. Take exit 194B onto Westbound State Highway 126 / Interstate 105 in Eugene, Oregon.
  2. Proceed West (and follow the road South) for about 4.5 miles until Highway 126 / Interstate 105 ends leaving you on Southbound Jefferson Street in Eugene.
  3. Follow Jefferson Street South for four blocks (0.3 miles) to West 11th and make a right onto Westbound West 11th Avenue.
  4. Look for us on the right, about a mile down West 11th.


Are you a quilter?

Do you want to help but not know how?   Would you be willing to make quilts for kids?

We are looking for quilts of various sizes (from Baby to Queen) and in any colors.   You do not even need to do more than the tops and if you could supply the backing that would be great!   (Our coordinator has a quilting machine for use in this project)

Please contact Kathy Jacobsen, Quilts for Kids Coordinator at (541)-513-8754, or at Redwindvz2@wildblue.net for more details. 

We are recruiting experienced LONG TERM, committed 
Parents for our toughest kids.

These families will get a higher level of training and support for this difficult, but very important, job.   

    • Teens without hope for their own future.
    • Siblings with difficult issues/challenges.
    • Kids who have a hard time in Public school.
    • Kids who have not been successful in a large home with many children and might do really well with a more focused opportunity.
    • Kids who just do not seem to fit in and need someone to empathize.
    • Teens who need help with College/job skills and someone to call after they reach the age of 18.


1675 West 11th Avenue

Eugene, Oregon 97402

We need creative people who will take a child's life story, memories, and events, and record them in words and ways that they can understand. Please come and help make a difference for these kids using a hobby you already love. We make Life Books for children here in Lane County who are being adopted!

Please contact:

Pam Strickland for more information on the life story books or about participating in
this program.

Email Pam or call A Family For Every Child at 1-541-343-2856.

Prom Dresses for Foster Girls 

Josephine's Closet is an Oregon non-profit created to collect and distribute gently-used and new prom and other formal dresses to girls in need in Lane County, Oregon. For further information, contact Lisa Christon, lisa.christon@co.lane.or.us , or call 541/682-4702. 

Foster Parent Resource Closet: West Eugene Family Center

We have clothes, shoes and various articles for foster kids.   You can call the SSAs at the West Eugene Family Center and arrange a time to come by, or just stop by and ask for us at reception. 
686-7722, Libby Forsberg x272, Dan Plaster x242 or Twyla Pew x301

Project Linus: Providing Security Through Blankets

Project Linus is a non-profit organization with a two-fold mission.   First mission, to provide love, a sense of security, warmth and comfort to children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need through the gifts of new, handmade blankets and afghans, lovingly created by volunteer “blanketeers.”   Second, to provide a rewarding and fun service opportunity for interested individuals and groups in local communities, for the benefit of children.

Child Safety Policy

As an organization working with vulnerable children, A Family For Every Child (AFFEC) is committed to conducting programs in a manner that is both safe for the children we serve and to help protect the children with whom our staff and volunteers are in contact with. ThereforeAFFEC has implemented a Child Safety Policy.

While the vast majority of individuals have good intentions, AFFEC must safeguard against the few who do not. To help protect the wellbeing of the children we support the following procedures will be followed.

  1. AFFEC will conduct a background and reference check on all new AFFEC employees and members of the Board of Directors. In addition, all AFFEC volunteers who are in contact with children or have access to a child’s sensitive, private or personal information will be required to complete and pass a background check.
  2. All employees and volunteers will receive extensive on-going training and education on how to keep children safe which includes information on mandatory reporting and current foster care issues.
  3. All AFFEC mentors and adoptive familiesare to complete a comprehensive Inquiry/Application Form and a Confidentiality Form. AFFEC will check the three references provided and will conduct state and national background checks on each individual. Upon completion of the background check, AFFEC will conduct an extensive interview which includes an in-home visit to each individual or family.
  4. Each mentor and family will be required to attend a thorough orientation which includes training on the foster system, the children and the children’s needs. AFFEC will provide ongoing monthly training and will conduct monthly check-ins and additional meetings to ensure procedures are being followed.
  5. Each mentor must complete the DHS Child Welfare History Check which AFFEC obtains through the Department of Human Services (DHS). This ensures that all AFFEC mentors pass a criminal history check. DHS background checks are additionally required for any mentor in advance of any excursion, event or visit lasting more than one day.
  6. AFFEC will also thoroughly review any other history the mentors may have had with DHS, including any investigations which may have been done, even though no criminal charges were found.
  7. AFFEC Adoption Workers are required to spend 10 hours of mandatory training annually on the subject of keeping children safe in an adoptive placement. AFFEC’s Adoption Workers provide 24/7 support to families who might be experiencing difficult behaviors from their children. Accordingly, it is important that AFFEC’s Adoption Workers are able to provide accurate child safety training and support to adoptive families and children during situations involving difficult behaviors.
  8. Due to the continuing need to provide background checks and fingerprinting, AFFEC will maintain on staff at least three qualified background check managers (QBM) at all times.
  9. All AFFEC physical files containing sensitive, private or personal information pertaining to children in our programs are properly stored and locked securely. All AFFEC electronic files containing sensitive, private or personal information pertaining to children in our programs are secured by means of passwords and secure-access-only procedures.

Terms of Use

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Information on the Site

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Our Partners

Organizational Documents

Board of Directors

Executive Board of Directors

Joan Obie
Board President

I moved to Oregon from Montana in 1986 , prior to that, I owned a fine china and gift shop. I did bookkeeping for many of my father’s businesses and did research for a local law firm.

I have always felt a passion for children and have four of my own. Through the years we have hosted more than 30 kids from France and Spain and taken in many children who were in bad situations ranging from homeless kids to adult kids that just needed help getting on their feet. I have volunteered in different aspects, all of which dealt with kids.

I served on the Board of director’s with Direction Service prior to joining the Board with AFFEC. I spent six years volunteering with First Place Family Center where I recruited sponsors to proviide Christmas for the families being served by First Place. I always feel that we may not be able to change adults but we can impact children’s lives for the better.

I really enjoy working with AFFEC because thiis organization does so much to make lives better for those who we serve.

I have great respect and admiration for Christy and the organization she founded.

Jeff Brown
Board Vice President
Jeffrey Brown is a local minister and former Director of Technology at the University of Oregon. He spent 15 years in high education IT before transitioning to the church. He is the father of four children that have been adopted from DHS foster care. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Oregon State University and a Master of Divinity from Northwest Nazarene University. He joined the board at the end of 2016.
Delores Mord

Grew up in Montana, where Delores and spouse operated their own large Dairy Farm. Along with working with the welfare system in foster care where Delores created a soft spot in understanding the neesd of children in the system

Delores and faily moved to Oregon continuing in foster care and to venture into the family business of Advertising. This lead to many other added business Manufacturing, Radio, and Property Development in Private companies and a Public Company

She worked in all departments of the business bookkeeper, scheduling, office manager, tax preparations and Chief Financial Officer of the multiple organizations of the business in several states.

Education: Correspondent courses, Lane Community College, ongoing courses throughout the years and working with CPA’s.

Delores has been involved with A FAMILY FOR EVERY CHILD since inception. Has done some mentoring and has passion for working with the organization in making a difference for our children and families.

Has acted as Bookkeeper in all aspects along with preparing the 990’s and government documents, Insurance and Payroll reports.

Jessica Pelatt
Board Member
Long time Mentor, Volunteer Photographer and Volunteer Venue coordinator, all around AFFEC supporter. Working with children has always been a large part of Jessica’s life from helping with her little brother, babysitting and volunteering to work with children from a young age. At sixteen she even raised money to work with children at an orphanage in Azerbaijan, which ended up being a life changing experience for Jessica. Now with a degree in English and a masters in Education, she has worked as a teacher. Jessica now dedicates her time to many volunteer roles, many of which A Family For Every child are very grateful to have her a part of. Her role as a long time Mentor, to her mentee Lizzie, has made all the difference in Lizzie’s success after Foster care. Lizzie now lives with Jessica and her husband. Jessica loves photography, reading, singing, crafting and many other hobbies. She also loves learning new skills. Jessica is committed to assisting AFFEC in many ways, and we at AFFEC feel honored to have her on our team.
Gary Gamer
Board Member
Gary Gamer is a consultant working internationally in child welfare, livelihoods and strategic planning. Examples of his assignments include evaluating a national system for preventing institutionalization of children in Moldova, developing the strategic for Uganda’s national child helpline, developing case management and monitoring and evaluation systems for child protection centers in Turkey and evaluating women’s empowerment rural livelihood programs in India. Gary worked in senior leadership positions for Holt International Children’s Services including President and CEO. In his career he also has directed refugee resettlement and immigration counseling programs and coordinated peace and justice initiatives for national boards of U.S. churches. Gary holds a Master’s Degree from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs and is also a graduate of the University of Oregon’s College of Business.
Jani Agular
Board Member

Native Oregonian 
Bachelor of Arts – Merchandising – American College of Switzerland 
24 years small business owner/ distributor 
43 years retail & wholesale experience May Co., Pendleton Woolen Mills, Nordstrom, Etcetera 
15 years employed by Levi Strauss & Co. Eugene – Order Analyst 
Hobbies – Grand kids, Scrapbooking, photography, hiking, volunteering

Christy Obie-Barrett
Non-voting Executive Board Member
Executive Director

Christy Obie-Barrett, the Executive Director created the agency through dedicated and insightful leadership. She brings the unique perspective of an adoptive parent, a business person and a community partner together to motivate others toward positive outcomes for children. Christy is President of the Heart Gallery of America.

Associate Board of Directors

The mission of the Associate Board is to promote awareness of a Family for Every Child’s mission in the communities it serves, to organize philanthropic initiatives and to provide volunteer service. As ambassadors of AFFEC, the Associate Board has the opportunity to participate in many different ways, including fundraising, public relations, outreach and recruiting of new members.

We continue to build our membership in the Associate Board. We meet quarterly as a group, and each members meets with the Executive Director and staff regularly.

Chris Sterling

Chris worked for the Department of Human Services for over 20 years. Now she works for our wonderful community partner, CASA of Lane County. Chris is interested in getting involved in system change and expanding recruitment areas for waiting children through AFFEC’s services. Chris is a foster and adoptive mom.

Christina Sutton
Associate Board Member

Christina comes to the Associate Board with the longest history of connection to AFFEC. In the very early days she ran our Mentor Program, and then she took a break to foster and adopt many children. While she still has a home filled with adopted and foster children, she is getting involved again to help us build our education classes for youth at risk of aging out of care and those who will become adults with little preparation for the real world. She will plan and teach bi-weekly classes on everything from “How to write a check” to “How to shop for food” to college, trade-school knowledge, and resume-building. Christina grew up in foster care and never got a family of her own, so her passion for at-risk youth is huge and based in real-life experience.

Desiree Robinson

Desiree has been our primary go-to gal for video for over five years. She has created 90% of the videos on our web page, and now as an Associate Board member, she is looking forward to getting involved in other areas. Desiree has recently expressed interest in writing grants for us.

Linda Hamilton

Linda joined the AFFEC Associate Board to assist us with diversity outreach. She has helped connect us to the faith-based community and to an organization in which she is very involved, BIG. (Blacks in Government). Linda is also becoming a mentor.

Lisa Gallo

Lisa is a local attorney and is excited to get involved on the AFFEC Associate Board. We are hoping Lisa can help guide our newly formed system-change group, which meets weekly to look at big-picture foster care system change.

Mary Bromley

Mary has been an AFFEC mentor for over five years. She is the only consistent person in the life of her mentee. Mary also recently retired from the school district and will begin working with us on our Education/Mentor/Mentee Program as an Education Liaison.

Steve Apel
Associate Board Member

Steve has been a long time volunteer for AFFEC. He prepares our weekly newsletter in addition to daily postings of waiting children on our social-media platforms. Steve is looking forward to getting involved in many other areas at AFFEC and has dedicated himself to his role on the Associate Board.