Celebrate The Earth Today and Every Day

For the last 49 years, April 22nd has become a day of celebrating our planet and bringing awareness to ways of preserving it. This year’s Earth Day theme is Protect Our Species. Some of the species that are being focused on are bees, giraffes, whales, elephants, trees, sea turtles, and great apes, which are all at risk of going instinct. The good news is that these threatened species are able to recover with help from you.  

More good news is that there are so many other ways to take action and some are easy to incorporate into your daily life.

Tips For An Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

  1. Turn off the lights when leaving the room and when there is enough natural sunlight.
  2. Reduce your use of plastic by using reusable bags at stores and reusable water bottles.
  3. Shop local! This is a win-win as it supports the planet and your local economy. 
  4. Plant a garden
  5. Replace regular lightbulbs for LED
  6. Unplug appliances you aren’t using them
  7. Buy a reusable straw 
  8. Plant trees
  9. Start a compost
  10. Recycle 
  11. Take shorter showers
  12. Turn off the sink while brushing your teeth
  13. Limit grocery shopping to just what you know you’ll eat
  14. Eat less meat and when you do, choose grass fed, free range, and organic
  15. Fix it before you throw it away
  16. Use eco-friendly cleaning products
  17. Walk or ride a bike when you don’t have to drive 
  18. Donate old clothes and other items instead of throwing them away
  19. Cook your meals instead of eating out
  20. Use a reusable to-go mug while getting your morning coffee at your favorite coffee shop