Coming Home


I love to go on vacation.  Who doesn’t love a good break from the routine and stress of daily life?  We are probably all in need of a good rest.  Life is busy and hard.

Even getting away for a weekend can provide refreshment to the body, mind and spirit.  A change of scenery can do wonders to offer a change in perspective.  But, there is something great about returning home.    It’s wonderful to get away, but nothing beats sleeping in your own bed.  In fact, getting away for a short trip can help you appreciate home even more.  The convenience of your own personal belongings at your fingertips, your entire wardrobe available for use at any time, the familiar sounds of your home as it settles in for the night; all the things that make a house a home.

I can also remember the feeling I had returning home for the first time after I had moved to another state.  The comfort it brought to return to my childhood home with all its memories, both good and bad.  It certainly isn’t anything extraordinary and calling it a modest home is probably a huge understatement.  However, it is special to me because it is my home.

The heart of all humanity beats with a common need to return home; even if the return home is not full of positive memories.  Home is what shaped us into the people we are today.

When my heart was broken for the first time I drove home instead of returning to my on campus college apartment.  I loved my apartment and enjoyed living with three other girlfriends, but when pain hit my heart, I ran home.

All children need a place to call home.  All children need a permanent family.  To deny any child the right to a forever family is criminal.  It is wrong.  A Family For Every Child is fighting to correct this epidemic.  All children need to have a loving home that will shape and mold them into the people they were destined to be.    They need a place to return to when pain assaults their hearts once again.  In this scary, broken world they deserve a safe place to fall.

“Image courtesy of {Stuart Miles}/”