Oregon District 16 : Training & Orientation for Foster Care or Adoption

Washington County
Orientation and Foundations Training
Updated February 13th, 2017

Contact Information

Madeline Hodge

Linda Crooke

Beaverton Department of Human Services
15625 SW Greystone Ct
Beaverton, OR 97006

Washington County Child Welfare

New Caregiver Training for Foster Care, Adoptive, Relatives and Child-Specific Certification.

Step 1 – Attend Orientation Training

An introduction to Foundation Training and Child Welfare.* A Spanish speaking interpreter will be provided at one Orientation each month. You do not need to pre-register for this class.

Step 2 – Complete Foundation Training

Foundation Training consists of a series of classes. You will be given the option of completing the series in either 7 consecutive weeks or attending two classes a week and completing your training in four weeks. You will be provided the Foundation class schedule at your Orientation Training. *A Spanish speaking interpreter will be provided at selected series, please indicate this need at your Orientation Training. You do not need to pre-register for his class. You may begin the class at any point in the series, with the exception of class 5. Please note if our training room is at maximum capacity, you may be asked to wait a week or two to begin classes.

Step 3 – Application Packets

You will be provided an application packet at your first Foundation class. You may turn in your packet after you have completed 6 of the 8 required classes. You will turn your application packet into the class trainer. (If you are a relative or child-specific certified family already caring for a child this step does to apply to you). Your application packet will be sent to the appropriate branch for assignment. You should be contacted within 30 days by an adoption worker or a certifier.

Orientation Schedule

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