Draft – Heart Gallery FAQ

What does it cost to set up a Heart Gallery?

Nothing! We take care of all setup. You can sponsor a Heart Gallery if you are interested. It costs $75 for the year.

Can any business have a Heart Gallery?

Yes! We’ve had venues ranging from doctors’ officers to pizza parlors, and from 1 to 30 frames.

How do I become a volunteer?

Fill out the volunteer form and we will contact you

Do these children really get adopted?

Yes! The goal of the Heart Gallery is help children get adopted.

Are these actual pictures of the children?

Yes! These photos are taken by professional photographers who volunteer their time and skills

Is there any liability as a business owner?

No, they are legally freed for recruitment. We have permission from their workers to place them in the Gallery

Do Heart Galleries only display local children?

No, they feature kids from all over the country.

What happens if a frame breaks?

Just call us and we’ll come take care of it!

How often are displays changed?

Every two months a volunteer will come to switch out photos. We do not switch out every photo each time.

Who is responsible for the display?

A Family for Every Child venue volunteers. But if there are ever any issues, you can call us at 541 343 2856.