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What is the Heart Gallery

The Heart Gallery is an “art exhibit” of beautiful professional photographs of local and nationwide children who are currently in foster care and waiting to be adopted. Our Heart Gallery displays the personalities of our foster children and siblings that are waiting to find their forever families by photographing them in settings outside of a caseworker’s office. These are the smiles of children you see in your neighborhood playing, children that your child goes to school with, these are children you could see as an addition to your family someday. The Heart Gallery is not just a program, it is the hope that you can provide a forever family for a waiting foster child. It is designed to bring awareness to the foster care system and children that are in search of permanent homes. Professional photographers volunteer their time to take beautiful pictures of children presently in foster care that are waiting for their forever family. A Family For Every Child’s Heart Gallery works closely with child welfare partners to coordinate these photo sessions for adoption recruitment.

The Heart Galleries can be seen everywhere: from the grocery store to your church to the car dealership and everywhere in between. The goal of our Heart Gallery is simple-to-open the mind and heart of the viewer to the idea of adoption.

Who are the Heart Gallery Children

The children pictured represent the 500,000 children in foster care in the United States, 30,000 of whom are here in the Northwest, waiting for a forever family to love them. Since A Family For Every Child was founded more than 500 foster children have been featured in Heart Galleries, and more than 250 have found their forever families.


Photographers in every state across the country donate their time and services to take these beautiful photos. The photos they take capture the personalities of the children and help them on their path to finding forever families.

“The kids are really three of the sweetest children I have ever encountered. Considering the circumstances, I just didn’t know what to expect. Little J*** ran up and hugged me around my legs when we walked in. That was just about too much for me a softy at heart but tries not to show it. Patient, courteous, and sweet to each other was not what I expected. The foster parents really cared for the kids. Again, my pre-conception was that they might be just doing it to make a little money (who doesn’t need that), but I was really impressed with how they loved the kids. Those three are lucky to have a safety net as good as that.”
— Louie

“I feel truly blessed to be able to use my talent to help these beautiful kids find their forever families. Nothing compares to the joy that comes from giving them a chance to let their personality shine in front of the camera. It is worth every minute and as they say, “priceless”.”
– Dawn Marie Barth

“I volunteer because I love being able to showcase the beauty and inner love of children by capturing their photos. It’s amazing to see their personalities and their smiles, and I want to share that with everyone! Every kid deserves to have a family that adores and loves them, so being able to contribute any little thing I can is the best feeling in the world. It’s also incredible to see these families who take them in and provide them with safe and loving homes until their forever families come. Beautiful moments like that need to be caught on camera!” 
– Meg Hainz

“For us, the chance to connect with a kiddo and make them feel loved and seen in that moment, is worth every minute. It’s not just about them getting their picture taken. It’s about having an experience where they feel valued and loved. We also love that we get the chance to do what we’re passionate about for such a worthy cause, capturing the heart and personalities of these kiddos with our cameras.”
-Mike and Julie Smith (with MIKE + JULIE | storytellers)

“AFFEC holds a special place in my heart and in my work. I will always find time away from my busy schedule to photograph AFFEC’s children who are getting yet another step closer to finding their forever family. To be able to photograph these children is a special privilege for me. Every single child I have photographed left an imprint on me even though I only spend a little bit time with them. But during that time we share stories, we laugh, we play. My wish for all of the children is to find the best possible forever family and to be happy, loved and respected.”
– Livia Fremouw

“I love the Heart Gallery. When I worked at Market Of Choice they had pictures there. One day this little girl was sitting on her dad’s shoulders and he pointed to the picture wall and said, “Your picture used to be right there – I had told you I found you in grocery store.” And the girl started laughing and smiled at the wall. That about broke my heart in a happy way, I almost cried. And that’s why I love the Heart Gallery.”
– Brittany Goodman

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