Princess for a Day 2019
  • WHEN
    March 3rd, 2019
    Valley River Inn
    Eugene, Oregon

Event Information

Calling all Princesses in the Land!

This is a ROYAL gathering for all the magnificent children in the land. Thisevent is to celebrate the REGAL children both in foster care and not by givingthem the royal treatment. This royal treatment includes being pampered,adorned in a new outfit fit for royalty, and a fancy tea party. Join our “Once upon a time…”

Princess Activities

  • The princesses get to dress up in a gown and select their slippers and crown as accessories.
  • They get their hair, nails, and make up done by the Royal Hair & Make-Up Team
  • They get to have their picture taken in their royal attire.
  • They get to attend a Royal Tea Party with their royal guest (a parent/guardian or foster parent)
  • They get to take their gown, slippers, and crown home with them!


Foster children are granted free admission. General admission for all other princesses is $50.00. Advanced registration is required for all children. All children are welcome. All attendees are welcome to be accompanied by their king or queen. Due to limited space we can only accommodate the princesses and one adult guest, so please leave all wicked stepsisters and house cleaning mice at the castle.


  • Tickets purchased online will be mailed to the address provied.
  • Tickets may be purchased in person at our office:
    A Family For Every Child
    1675 West 11th Avenue
    Eugene, Oregon 97402
  • Tickets purchased after DATE will be available at the door on the day of the event.